Passive Exorcism of Giant Squid

I suppose I”ll write this now, while it”s still somewhat clear in my mind.\r\n\r\nCatchy title is it not? There”s one thing missing from this blogging stuff…an account of my history with ”other” worldly things. I can”t get into all that now, but I”ll mention that I don”t sleep. I haven”t had a decent nights sleep in over thirty years. I try to sleep. I take lots of naps, and anyone who knows me would insist I sleep a lot, but it”s not sleeping; more and more does it become ”work”. Not work to sleep, but ”work-while-down”. I”m hyper-conscious, which is to say that 85% of the time I”m completely aware of my surroundings while I”m ”resting”. Awareness on at least two levels, which we”ll call physical & astral…although I”m not going to insist on that. i”m actually at a point where even when i close my eyes to try and sleep…it”s as if my lids are transparent. Awake or asleep…all my senses are available to me, and “more”!\r\n\r\nI don”t get into a lot of the technical jargon that gets tossed around…mapping out all of it in quadrants and latitudes, and assigning numbers to levels, etc, etc. What”s that accomplish? As humans we just don”t posses the ability to define it well enough, and trying to me…is a waste of energy. You”ll also find that I”m not into *proving* myself. I have very little interest in measuring myself against other peoples experiences, and even less in measuring myself up in order to impress others. More energy wasted.\r\n\r\nThose that read this and think it”s too far out will do so for a reason beyond me, and those that read this and *know* exactly what I”m speaking of…well…doesn”t really matter one way or the other.\r\nIgnorance is bliss, and it”s way nice to find others that can relate to ones suffering! ;)\r\n\r\nBut…where was I?!? The squid. Bit misleading for in fact it was an octopus. Pi! Octopi!!! Hard to tell when you”re residing in the belly of one, and for that matter more is misleading…bcuz I”m not sure if it was I that was exorcised or the cephalopod? So intertwined we all are, but that”s another post as well.\r\n\r\nOn with my account.\r\nAs usual I was in a hyper aware state laying in bed attempting to catch some zzzz”s when the energy around me began to grow thick. There”s a set of signs that make me well aware that I”m not going to get any rest at all 1) Intense static electricity where the covers actually float above my body, sparks, and hair standing on end. 2) The mattress undulating beneath me as if I”m bobbing around at sea on an inflatable, or like it”s stuffed with live pythons. 3)…a thick, heavy, stickiness…like a membrane around me in a three to four foot radius of hyper-sensitivity. 3 was the vibe d”jour.\r\n\r\nIt”s as if the ”real” world fades away, and what”s within the membrane becomes ”more real”. Anyhoo…The wriggling began; not from the ”outside-in” this time, but from the inside out. It”s about 50/50. Resituating themselves as necessary. Squatter”s with no concern for the landlady!\r\n\r\nThis is the boring part…when I manage get myself in sync with the beasty where I can grab big, nasty, wriggling handfuls. It”s incredibly labor intensive, and exhausting. I”m talking approximately 30 feet of slimy-rubber per tentacle. If you”ve ever had the pleasure of actually touching a live squid or octopus you”ll know what I mean…the insane strength they posses. Snakes too, but snakes don”t have that “stretchy” factor. Point, my arms just aren”t long enough to accomplish much. I”m sure it”s quite ridiculous to behold the operation. I grab handfuls of tendrils, and twist them around my elbow as one would wind yarn, or an extension cord. I also use my legs, and feet when I get a good portion out I”ll attempt to step on it to hold it down, whilst I yank out more.\r\n\r\nProblem?!? That there”s no barrier for these parasites. It”s not an orifice thing…although they do have a preference for all those! They can work their back right through the flesh. So, while I”m yanking it out of my throat…it”s slithering back in my belly…that sort of thing. Pure frustration until I collapse in exhaustion! Plus…the things break off in portions when forced to; much like a tapeworm I”d guess, or the way lizards drop their tails when trapped. I have noticed that they break off in specific segments…not just anywhere. Anyway…\r\n\r\nI don”t know if I was feeling particularly spry, or this thing was off-center, but I managed to pull quite a large portion out before it really began to react. I can”t say what it was that caused me to try something different?!? Perhaps it was the low-level threat thing I was getting back? That I was able to stay calm, and out of body long enough to do some damage?!? It wasn”t that usual desperate tearing and clawing thing that”s typically the case. There was a different intention behind it all…more deliberate, less concerned in a sense. Less personalized.\r\n\r\nI do a ton of hands on healing in the astral, which I”ll talk about some other time…but rarely do I use it on myself. I have on occasion used it on personal attachments, and usually with good success, but never this good. Without thought I began focusing my (thoughtless)(pure intentional) energy into my hands, and when I did so the tendrils began to shrink! Not so much recoil, or “counter”, but simply shrink into nothingness. I was amazed at first. I worked at it a little more, stopping frequently to check…make sure it wasn”t growing back elsewhere. Nothing.\r\nI was still having an incredibly difficult time though as I was still working to pull out consecutively larger portions of it each time, and throw some hand-ons stuff on what I had in excess. At the same time the membrane was fading in and out of a different environment, which usually happens, and is a little hard to explain.\r\n\r\nWhere I wound up was some kind of hospital, with the White Coats. I was able to get a better look around then usual, since I wasn”t all freaked out/caught up in the battle. There were two nurses, a head nurse and her assistant, and a doctor. All average, normal, human looking. No mantis” or anything! 😉 The doctor looked to be in his sixties, and was touting the infamous clipboard. I was laying (at this point half on, half off) a hospital bed still struggling with the octopus, which ya think would freak the average person out to witness, but these ”professional” couldn”t have cared less. Except for the doctor, who seemed increasingly pleased by my progress and was logging all of it along the way. He wasn”t talking to me, but he was talking to the nurses. Going on about how well I was doing, and wasn”t it great, look-look, and all that. Sort of like a proud father. I got that feeling pretty heavily…that the situation was something of a re-birth. That”s hard to explain as well. The same idea that if pediatrician”s merely stood back and allowed the child to birth itself; that only the strongest would somehow manage their way out, and survive…that was the energy being passed on. That it was some rare and joyous occasion.\r\n\r\nI could feel that I was losing grip with the environment and slipping back into so-called reality, and I hadn”t “really” accomplished my goal, which is always to get clear of one entire tenant. I calculated my energy vs. the girth of the beast, and began to see the futility in my efforts. I had to hang in as long as possible an work harder. I just kept at it. I was working on “layers” now. Layers that I never noticed before…more thick membranes; gelatinous, and sticky. Translucent, and about an inch thick. Also hard to explain, but like some massive, living mushroom cap that was pulled down over my head to cover me tightly down to and around my shoulders. It wasn”t easy, but I kept pulling them off…layer after layer, and each time feeling more ”alert” , clearer then ever. It”s impossible to explain the euphoria of removing these nasties from ones body, but this was super-euphoric and blissful!\r\n\r\nSuddenly there was resistance. I”d reached the bulbous main body o
f the thing…like trying to pull a garbage bag of jell-o through a 2″ diameter pipe! I gave it all the energy I had left. I tugged with all my might, and then there was this huge sucking ”pop” and a gushing type feeling…some re-flow or release of energy that I almost collapsed in awe with. There laying on the floor in front of me was the entire octopus. It was pissed, but pathetic and sad, and extremely primal. Gave me lots of mixed emotions! Sympathy I believe can be a dangerous thing where these beings are concerned. 1) It”s a sort of a silent invitation back in, and 2) they just don”t operate on that level of self-consciousness. I kept myself from reacting. I just stared at this glowing, beautiful indigo-blue creature, with pulsating ripples of white electrical stipes here and there. It was an amazing moment!!!\r\n\r\nNot complete of course. When I say I got it out entirely…it”s not entirely the truth. It was the whole “segment”, a entire “center”, a being unto itself, but part of a much larger, more complex matrix. The next segment I realized as I began to fade back into body…was lodged in my throat…gagging me, and even more pissed then the portion that I”d removed. I didn”t have it in me to keep on. I woke up gagging. For the next few hours it was hard to breath, and I felt forced to keep swallowing over and over till eventually it seemed to relax.\r\n\r\nThe week following the experience I stayed alert to how my body was reacting to being a little more clear. Besides the initial euphoria and choking the first day. The other days I noticed strange sharp pangs, and stabbing pains…each time in a unique area. A toe, and then the small of my back, a rib, then my temple, etc. That was about it. Oh, and lots of rumbly-tummy!!!\r\nThat seems part and parcel to the resituating of the so-called negs….and of course exhaustion!\r\n\r\nIt fades so quickly…that clearness and freedom/space. Falling back into the rut, back into routine, and now that the big guy has technically been replaced…it once again settles back on useless rebellion. Despite all my loathing for these infesting creatures…I can”t seem to help but feel empathy. It”s really truly beyond all my logic…it”s just a gut feeling. And, despite all my empathy and compassion…I can”t truly help loathing these little buggers. There”s more to my POV on that, but it”ll have to wait.

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