Paula Deen’s Recipe for Racial Riot Rollovers aka Slave Slop

Forget the butter! This recipe calls for much richer ingredients. What’s a rollover? It’s like a cross between a roll-up, and bend-over. Or is that a turn-over??

Either way you’re gonna love it….I gharauntie. You don’t have to be a redneck either, this recipe is made to suit all cultural palates, be you democrat or republican, of the rich or not-so-rich, or free-loader persuasion…a Nigger, Spic, Wasp, Wop, Honkey, Kyke, Dune Coon, Chink, Paki, Peckerwood (lol), Prairie Nigger, Faggot…you get the idea. All you Goyum are gonna love it!! The recipe is a little complicated, but working together in large groups, should be no problem to pull off. Great for pot-lucks and Pow-wows!

Racial Riot Rollovers aka Slave Slop

  • 316,123,000 lbs of Sheeple (roughly) (Just a pound of flesh from each). Must be highly-processed for the best results.
  • 1 Female Celebrity Puppet (Old Stewing Hen variety is best. One on her way out to pasture. “Sacrificed” in the typical ritual manner).
  • Half a dozen (serious) opinions from Black Celebrities to offset any sweetness. We like “Spike Lee”, and “Dick Gregory” brands.
  • 1 Jury Trial (Black vs. White will do, but Black vs. Hispanic makes for a MUCH tastier dish!) The subtle undertones in these ingredients don’t play out till the end….then BAMB! (Oh wait….that’s Emeril). 
  • 1 Comment from the Commander in Chief: “If I had a son (he’d look black)”. Duh, or something along those (push-button) lines.
  •  1 Public Social Network: Facebook will do. If you don’t have FB, any appliance that will pulverize and macerate said ingredients.
  • 3 Large Heirloom Populations: Each must believe 1) That they’re “special”, and 2)they’re hard-done-by! (For this recipe: White, Black & Hispanic).
  • 1 Mean Season: August is typically used. 
  • 1 Weather Modification System (WMS): This enhances the flavor of August, when paired with draught, and more extreme temperatures. 

Toss all ingredients together, bash the shit out of ’em, layer accordingly in large cesspot, and allow to ferment several months. Make sure to keep an eye on your batch…it should be doubling in size, every couple of weeks. If this isn’t the case, mix in more Mainstream Media Attention, and cheap stunts.

This is the base recipe. Feel free to add as many racial “events” as you can afford. Warning….over-working this recipe can cause the entire thing to collapse, resulting in less than desirable results for the cook(s). The dish is best served cold in small spoonfuls to the spiritually starved. If they refuse to eat it…..dump it on their heads in one fell-swoop, and leave them to lick it off one another. They’ll learn to like it!

For dessert suggestions try: Martial Law Lickbacks. Major City Lockdowns, or Containment Camp Cookies.  

Have your own delicious, devilish NWO recipe? Share it with us in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: I love Paula Deen for who she is, and what she ain’t. I know she’s got a big heart, and suffers her own brand of social conditioning, and Sheeple ignorance. I think she’s one of those women that (deep down) believes everyone is a ‘good person’, and never foresaw anything like this happening to her. It’s pathetic bullshit that so many are dragging her through the mud (so gleefully and with such self-righteousness). Without taking a stand on either “side”….I stand beside Paula as an exploited individual, and give the finger to everyone who’s pointing the finger (first)! I know she’ll get past this, cuz she’s gotten through worse. This is nothing but an intentionally planted bump in the road. Paula is beyond character assassination!  

I do wonder what’s up with Bobby though! If I worked for Food Network, and they canned my mom in such a shitty manner….I’d immediately tell them to shove it!

DISCLAIMER II: Encase my stupid sense of humour is missed….I’m making light of the situation, while drawing attention to something MUCH more important…that we’re all slaves in this system. That we’re all being PLAYED in a very twisted, underhanded game of control and manipulation! I don’t like the word Nigger…I don’t use it. I don’t like to hear it, or any other negatively hateful words, but….I understand it. I see it for what it is in every unique situation. Words have no power unless we give them power. Just like people have no power, unless we give them power. AND…..we need to stop giving it to the assholes who think they’re in charge of everything! We need to stand together, not be played apart, and set on opposite sides of the fields. Hopefully we all KNOW that at our core!


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