Picasa + Google Albums = Great Tool!

Digital graphics out the wa-zoo…design elements for websites, custom logos, crap loads of label graphics, branding package stuff, photos of my work, and photos of family………………….I can’t even begin to explain what a MESS my computer picture folders are! It’s INSANE! Try as I might, I haven’t been able to find anything to help organize it all and get it under control. Till now…

I’m still in the process of setting  it up, but I’ve downloaded the newest version of Picasa 3.6, which is now copying and compiling every single graphic image on my computer into one easy to use system. And, I’ve linked/synced it up with Google Albums, through my Google account. Of course, it’s not a magic wand that does all the work for me……..it’s still up to me to go through it all, tag and label, organize albums, etc. But, it’s made the task a hell of a lot less daunting!!!

UPDATE: So far so good. Google albums gives you 1 GB of storage space to upload images. Halfway through uploading…I had to purchase more space. It was only $5.00 for an extra 20 GB!!! Way worth it to me. I feel that my graphics & photos are safer on Google, then they are on my computer, plus I want to take advantage of the contributor/sharing abilities….so my family and friends can add their photos to the mix. Actual hand-held photos are rare these days. Everyone’s got a ton of digital pics though…stuck in their computer. Even if I have to buy 100 GB…I think this is a great way to get all those family photos together in one place, for posterities sake! This way, even distant relatives can add photos…and maybe I can put together that family tree I always wanted to do (with pictures)!

Another thing I want to use it for is client work. Not much different then how Flickr works, but I have to admit…Flickr is a pain compared to Google albums! One, you have to a yahoo mail account to join Flickr (big negative. I loath yahoo)…it’s a slow upload process, and…there’s a monthly limit on uploads. Google albums is super fast uploads…even with video. Mighty fast! And, you can upload everything in one go, then sync it up to your computer to keep it updated & current on it’s own! I’m going to set my graphics work as “public”, and use it as a mashed up portfolio…so prospective clients can see what I can do. Another great thing (probably the best)…is that I can set up individual albums for each client, add them as contributor (so they can download images)…and that way….I don’t have to store all that on my computer, or worry about misplacing CDs of work on file. Clients can access all the graphic elements I’ve done for them (in one place). If their computer crashes, or something else equally disastrous…they can grab them online from their album! Making life a whole lot easier!



Add name tags. Organize by people.
Picasa now has built-in face-matching technology so you can easily add name tags to the people in your photos. Plus, you can upload photos to your friends’ collaborative albums, geotag photos using Google Maps, import photos to Picasa and upload them to Picasa Web Albums in one step, and tag your photos more easily. Read more about the new features and download Picasa 3.6 at http://picasa.google.com

Post to Buzz, Blogger and Twitter.
Share your Picasa Web Albums photos with friends in more places! Just click the Buzz, Blogger, and Twitter icons to the right of your photo to post links in those networks.

  • Ten times more albums.
    Those of you who have close to 1000 web albums on Picasa Web Albums will be happy to learn that you can now store up to 10 thousand web albums on the site. Since each web album can hold 1000 photos, this means you can potentially post 10 million photos on Picasa Web Albums!
  • Upload to Collaborative albums.
    Every album in Picasa Web Albums is now potentially collaborative. Make an album collaborative by adding contributors in Picasa (version 3.6 and beyond) or Picasa Web Albums. Your friends and family can then add their photos directly to your album.
  • Picasa Web Albums metrics: View counts & ‘Like’.
    We’re excited to introduce two ways to gauge the reach and quality of your photos. ‘Views’ allow you to see how many people have seen your photo. ‘Like’ lets you give other people feedback on their photos when you can’t think of anything clever to leave as a comment. Both are available below each individual photo and are visible to anyone that can see the photo. Learn more about Views and I like this.
  • Follow your friends’ photos with ‘Suggested Favorites’.
    Use Suggested Favorites to find friends and family that have a Google Account for Picasa Web Albums. By adding them as a Favorite, you’ll receive updates whenever they upload new public content. Learn more.

    • Control your Fans with ‘Block User’.
      While Suggested Favorites makes it easier to find people you know in Picasa Web Albums, we’re also introducing more control over your Fans. Use the new ‘Block User’ feature to ensure that your public albums aren’t marred due to unwanted activity from a specific user. Learn more.
    • View the Fans of your photos.
      Take a look at the Fans page to see all of the people that have added you as a Favorite. Your Fans will only be notified when you add new public content. Return the favor to get updates when they add public photos. Learn more.

      • Upload larger videos to Picasa Web Albums and play them back at higher quality.
        We raised the video upload limit from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums to one GB for both PC and Mac users. Plus, videos larger than 320 pixels will now play back in higher-quality MPEG4 format.
      • Picasa for Mac (beta) arrives in Google Labs.
        Now there’s a faster, easier way to share photos from your Mac. With powerful tools like automatic web sync, photo retouching, and creative collages, Picasa for Mac (English only) puts you in control of your photo collection, both on your computer and on the web.
      • Improved Sharing.
        Friends and family can now easily see all the albums you’ve shared with them when they visit your Picasa Web Albums gallery. Plus, the new “Sign-in required to view” album visibility setting gives you much more precise control over who can see your photos. Learn more.

        • Automatic comment translations.
          If your photo is getting kudos from around the globe, we’ll automatically translate comments in foreign languages to your default language.
        • Focus on People.
          Our new technology allows you quickly and easily add name tags to your photos to help you automatically organize your photo collection according to the people in each picture.
          See name tags in action >>.
        • Search, discover and have fun.
          The new Explore Page can help you discover popular, interesting and recent public content from millions of users across the globe.
        • Experience the future of Picasa software.
          Picasa 3 has more powerful features, including a retouching tool and new Sync functionality, to make uploading and sharing photos faster and easier. You can also create custom collages, improve your slideshows, and turn your photos into movies with YouTube integration.

          • Email upload.
            You can now forward photos to your online albums using email. Perfect for use on your mobile device, you can even collaborate with friends by submitting photos to one album with the same email address.Learn more.
          • Control how your images are used with Creative Commons.
            With the new Creative Commons licensing feature on Picasa Web Albums, you can choose a CC license for your images that enables you to share your work while retaining control over its use.
          • Hear from the Picasa Web Albums team.
            Learn tips and tricks directly from the people behind the product with our Picasa Web Albums blog. You can even add the RSS feed to your iGoogle homepage or Google Reader.
          • Map your photos.
            See your photos arranged on a map and show friends exactly where you took your best pictures. Simply type a location into the “Place Taken” field when creating a new album, or refine a photo’s placement using a drag-and-drop map. It’s a great way to share photos from a summer vacation or road trip. For a quick peek at what results look like, check out our demo album.
          • Picasa Web Albums for mobile devices.
            Take your favorite pictures with you everywhere. You can now use your mobile phone to see any picture you’ve posted to Picasa Web Albums. You can even post comments on your friends’ latest photos.

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