pink bubble gum monster vs. a *special* superhero….

haven”t written in a long, long while….but this is one for the log. personally speaking. all dream-experiences are falling into 2 groups lately….vampire & superhero. i”m still doing release & healing work, but peppered between travel in these two major worlds. three…including here. still can”t tell whether this is a dream or not?!? 😉 getting more & more bizarre as it goes along.\r\n\r\nokay, anyway….took a nap outside on the front lawn. that”s where the sun was, and i haven”t seen sun in a long time. not that kinda that you can lay out in & soak up!!!! it was gorgeous! last time i took a nap in the front yard (autumn)…a strange dude stopped his truck in the middle of the street and ran over to check and make sure i was alive! o_O he scared the shit out of me! LOL. this time i put all the pet-poofs out (aka ”beds”) to help it look like more ”intentional”….with all the pets sleeping wit me! anyway….i”m thinking maybe it was the intense brightness, or maybe that my body temp. was high/hot? that it triggered something profoundly *familiar* that left me speechless. it was the typical merging, overlaying of worlds. i was here…i was there. then…more there, then here.\r\n\r\ni was laying in the grass when this massive glob of pink, bubble-gumness oozed up alongside me. it was a thick, pasty, mess…that has the consistency of cheap gum that”s been in ones mouth too long. you know where it starts to fall apart, sorta? like that. more “gummy” then “rubbery”. it was female in essence, and it was utilizing all it”s energy to absorb me into it”s mass. interesting thing…was it moved so incredibly slowly, that it”s energy never really depleted…despite me wrestling with it. it was useless. it was strong, and it”s interior had an insane suction power. there was no place to grab it, push it back, anything! any extra contact i made with it….just got me more stuck!!! i don”t know why i thought salt, but i did. all that was left exposed of me was my right arm, and my head. the thing was easily 6 times my size. i took a good pause, and manifest salt. I wound up with a salt-shaker full, which is my fault for not focusing more specifically. Was enough to test out the effects of though. Worked. The giant, pink, gumanator was repulsed by it, giving me enough of a break to free my other arm and manifest a large container of salt…which i poured directly into her mouth. Yes, the thing had a mouth. Was all mouth actually.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI managed to break complete free, but by this time worlds had once again separated…and I wasn”t laying in the front yard anymore. I was in some city by the sea. The monster crept off moaning, as I worked to remove bits of sticky, residue left behind…these small globs i peeled off and tossed away….crept off in their own sad fashion; under bushes, and into crevices in the street. A few moments passed before I realized a much larger problem was brewing. The monster had slurked off into the sea, and there it liquefied (somewhat), dissipated itself, and multiplied 100 fold. The entire sea was a float with this scummy, pink sludge. It healed, and recharged itself…and came at me in long tentacles….dragging me onto the beach. I managed to get away, but the thing was relentless in it”s pursuit. As a last resort, I scaled the exterior of a large skyscraper. The monster was not far behind. I merged through the thick glass windows…hoping that I might lose it in the maze of floors and walls within. Still, never more then a few seconds off my ass. The oddest thing was, that the sea was somehow in tow with the monster. As she grew…she drew the ocean up behind her, utilizing it”s power. The entire city was flooded under thousands of feet of water. The pressure made it easy to blow the windows out…several floors at a time. As I worked to merge my way through the building…the entire thing became a surreal, glass aquarium…but instead of fish, hundreds of floating body”s swirling about inside; along with office furniture and supplies.\r\n\r\nI managed to keep increasing some distance, but was running out of stamina. all my dreams are beginning to feel like training…more so then usual. At one point in time they felt like boot-camp, but this is a brainier, more refined training; tactical, all about self-discipline since timing, position, advantage…are all relative (states of mind). Mostly, I”ve been working on self-regulating…heartbeat, breathing, adrenaline, etc. Finally I lost the pink, sea monster, but I knew it was only temporary….as she now occupied most of the building with her liquid intelligence. The entire city was submerged…as I said, not just the skyscraper itself. Most of it though was clear water…the monster was concentrate in and around the building I was in, but there were a few ”clear” floors & pockets she hadn”t yet made her way through. I took a breather, composed myself…all the while never losing focus, which was this mind-mantra to avoid her. Works the same as manifesting salt; put enough intent in…and the outcome is pretty much set, as long as one remains liquid, flowing with the energy of the moment, of that particular environment…so the senses are alive and operating as part of the larger program. not…independently, although it”s important to establish a secure compartment to house ones own ”private” thoughts…thereby aiding in the chance of an upper-hand.\r\n\r\niz all a batttle game of will. a clear, wide-open mind is your only ally. and creativity is key!\r\n\r\nIt was new…this swimming escape thing. Consumed lots of energy, as opposed to running, jumping, flying. I spend a good deal of time underwater, but never in an escape situations. Was new to me, and I hadn”t adapted any skillz for traversing it quickly/efficiently….just these huge, broad strokes…I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, my breathing hard and paced. I was held up in a corner pocket, staring out a window looking at the submerged city; everything outside was swirling around as well….cars, deck chairs, , signs, people….anything not anchored down. A flash caught my eye…something transparent but edged in light. It was a man on horseback…very comic-book-esq…the horse was huge, powerful, and blew swirls of steam out it”s nostrils. The man, larger then normal, with disproportionate muscleage, and both with lots of amrour. They we”re entering the small section of the building where I was. I assumed bcuz this was the only place left…not occupied by the monster. I couldn”t tell if this addition to the picture was friend or foe, and had no interest (aka energy) in finding out. As they merged through the thick glass, into the building…I merged out….keeping my eye on them the entire time, while also keeping my focused senses on avoiding the pink stuff. I wasn”t factoring in anymore then that, so when I finally found myself outside the building I was not expecting another invisible, light-sourced being to grab me and start dragging me off.\r\n\r\nThis one was female…a counter-part to the horseman I”d guess. I didn”t fight. I didn”t have it in me. Fighting is rarely the best option anyway. A lot of times it”s best to just “release” control of the situation…go with the flow till something substantial comes to mind. At all times…reserve energy. The woman was very ”Angel” like. Lots of swirling, locks of liquid hair, a shapely form, a gentle nature…but powerful, secure in herself. She pulled me upwards. I heard the soft, urgent words, “to the surface” in my head…at which point she released her grasp on me, and hurled back down to help out her horseman. It was a good hundred feet or so I swam on alone. I sensed light coming from above, then surface tension, and that mirror-like, reflection that lays between water and fresh air. I popped up out of the water to see a host of others around…floating over the area. Some in small, open, hovering crafts…some just hovering themselves. Someone reached down and pulled me from the water, a
nd then it was like the entire world flipped upside down…bcuz I was falling. Falling UP. I fell a good long ways…not struggling, just perplexed. Then something slowed me down, some magnetic-field, and I landed softly on the deck of some large complex in the sky. I won”t go into explain the look of the place. Very tight, clean, modern looking. I couldn”t find my legs, and immediately feel on my ass the second the field released me. There were a dozen or so children around me laughing, innocently. I say children, bcuz they ranged in age from something like 16 to 20-ish. No one ran to my aid. I was just left alone till I regained strength, and stood up. I got a ”hands-off” sort of feeling from everyone around me. I was being closely watched by the leaders mulling about (in charge of all the youth), but they made a great effort to not assist me in anyway.\r\n\r\nI also couldn”t hear anything; maybe something to do with the water?!? Some leaders came up and took notes, eyed me over, whispering back and forth. I was escorted to a handful of executive areas so that those ”higer up” could view me. Eventually my hearing came back, in one office of some commander. I caught them discussing me, but didn”t let on that I could hear. They went on about all the tests and levels I had passed. There wasn”t much bragging, just a very general summation of…”she”s top of the list”. So, I”ve got the best score over all, or something. I don”t know, but puts me in some kinda class of my own. Sorta. There was a definite awe from people around me….like some rare commodity, and was funny bcuz these people, this race of super-humans…they were all practicing their abilities in day-to-day life…comfortable in them-self, able, etc. and yet…most them were less powerful then me (was the point). That I might not be in any condition to do much at the moment, but once “released”…I”d be at the top of my class. The respect was already being demonstrated in the distance people were offering me.\r\n\r\nThere was this stiffling, limited feeling I couldn”t shake, where I was having problems not only hearing on and off, but speaking as well…walking normally, hand-eye coordination, etc. I started to choke on something, suddenly lodged in my throat. Felt like a large, wadded up balloon…and I was gagging, and chewing on it, trying to dislodge it, but it wouldn”t give. I reached into my mouth and pulled on whatever it was. It was like thin, rubber…a latex membrane. Thin, like a condom…and I had to pull gently so as not to tear it. It took all my energy & focus to keep pulling on it, and as I did it was the most marvelous feeling of release. Uphoric, and freeing. It felt so real. I could feel it sliding off in a micro-layer, sandwhiched between my flesh, and outer skin….between my skull and scalp. Each inch I managed to pull lose..I felt lighter, more alive, new….powerful. It brought tears to my eyes. The group around me stood silent, trying to not to stare, but obviously distracted by the event. They were witnessing their superhero come into being. Unleashing herself from her dormant, semi-conscious state of dull-humanoid.\r\n\r\nThen I woke up. Speechless. I laid in the grass, in the sun for a good ten minutes just staring blankly into space. What now? Get up…go back inside, get some coffee, go back to work? Just didn”t seem right.

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