Pitching MyCrafty Self….

tummy tubI have a review to post in the next day or two on a baby food-mill that Kidco was gracious enough to gift me! 🙂 Therekidco food millwill a giveaway to along with it, so come back and enter! It’s a great little gadget!

I also have a Tummy Tub on the way from BabyMeetWorld! I’m very excited about that too! James is way too big for his baby tub, and the sink…so we’ve been taking showers together. I know he’s gonna love his new Tummy Tub!

And…he’s gonna love his feeding equipment from Boon! He’s getting the Squirt dispensing spoon, and the Fluid toddler cup! They have such coolboon designs!

Other companies I’ve joined with, but have yet to hear back from, but…just excited about, are Tropical Traditions (they have the absolute best virgin coconut oil!!!), and Joovy. I wrote to them about reviewing a stroller. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on both!boon

This is the fun side of blogging! Takes some time & planning, but……….well worth it (all around I think)! 🙂

joovy strollerjoovytropical traditions

2 thoughts on “Pitching MyCrafty Self….

  1. What exciting reviews you have upcoming. You must have a great pitch! I can’t seem to get any reviews for these sorts of things. You go girl! 🙂

    1. Most of the companies I’ve applied to have a “blogger review program” in place. It’s basically about numbers, I think. They have different tiers depending on how many unique visitors you get per month (minus spiders). That just takes time…to build up. That part really can’t be rushed. I suggest utilizing “this for that” to build up followers & likes. that’s suddenly extremely important to companies. A few have also wanted accounts with Amazon, or Epinions…to repost the reviews at.

      I don’t have any special pitch. Except maybe “passionate rambling”. I do that well. 😛
      Baby-steps, and we’re all working our way up the mom-blogger ladder. Hopefully more and more companies will start adding those simple applications to their sites, for “blogger programs”. Makes the whole process a lot easier on both ends!!!

      But, thanks 🙂

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