PODCAST 1 (Disorganized Introduction)

Not much to tell about this experience…just that two snakes appeared out of nowhere. I thought they were going to attack me, and I knew that if I held on to that idea/fear it would inevitably happen. So…I let go of it, and they wound themselves around me in very geometric patterns (mirroring one another as they moved). Eventually the came to rest…each of them placing their large heads on my shoulders…their bodies wrapping under my arms, crossing my back, and wrapped round my hips….like the backpack might sit. They stayed there through my entire dream…as I worked to recuse people from an underground complex (prison camp). The general population had been told that a nuclear attack was taking place…and everyone was rounded up and taken underground. The handful that I managed to help break-free…when we worked our way back to the cities…there were still people living there, and nothing nuclear had happened at all. They had dropped some large bombs, but it wasn”t of insane magnitude. The people that weren”t rounded up…were still carrying on on the surface…albeit, not normally. It was war-torn looking, and there was no industry or service left…but it was in no way contaminated.\r\n\r\nJust before I woke up…I was telling the snakes that I appreciated their presence with me. At that point they both whispered in my ears…”we are here to help destroy all the “leaders”. 🙂 I think it was the first time in a dream I ever uttered the words, “right the fuck on!”‘, ‘Wrapped up in a pair of snakes…’, 0, ”, ‘publish’, ‘open’, ‘open’, ”, ‘wrapped-up-in-a-pair-of-snakes’, ”, ”, ‘2008-12-07 20:54:14’, ‘2008-12-08 03:54:14’, ”, 0, ‘http://mysticmysfits.com/?p=36’, 0, ‘post’, ”, 0),
(37, 1, ‘2008-03-12 12:41:00’, ‘2008-03-12 19:41:00’, ‘\r\n\r\nI”ve been working on doing podcasts for my arts & crafts, and thought that it might also be a solution here….giving me the opportunity to still share what”s going on in my life, without putting too much demand on my time, which is limited lately.\r\n\r\nIt”s a sad, little podcast that”s very all over the place…but fitting for my state of mind these days.\r\nIt”s not like I have a huge audience I have to impress. Just you friends…so it”s sort of what you”d hear if were to call me up on the phone = casual & discombobulated at best. If nothing else, maybe it”ll make you laugh?!? The podcasts to follow…(if I can keep on top of getting them out) will have more of a point. Maybe. I would like to use them to log dreams, happenings, weather, etc. At least share something more relevant then an empty mind, which is pretty much what this first one contains.\r\n\r\nAnyway… :/

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