Pointless Morning Ramble….

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything (heavily) spiritual…tying in the “other” side of things. Not simple to just jump in, and assume folks know what I’m talking about, especially when I start spouting off about Satanism, and such. It’s never easy for me to find the ‘proper’ words. Use “Illuminati” as a blanket term, and it brings to mind Tom Hanks (of all people). It places the ideas at a distance, into a fairy-tale, dream world, or some other unrealistic realm (that has nothing to do with our “everyday” lives). Opposite of where I want to get at.

I sit on the fence of most things. Always a disclaimer…that I don’t do “right” and “wrong”, black & white, good & evil, etc. So, even though I rant at times, there’s little “judgement” taking place. It is what it is, and mostly I’m just “seeing”. The delving, dissecting  unraveling…the going-into-things, is an act of sweeping away beliefs, illusions, (conditioned) fog. I amuse myself with the idea of “deprogramming” others. Not through an arrogant position where I know “better”, but with these words…this limited language…that’s how it will come across at times.

I’m not AGAINST anyone, any group. I “see” groups, but as pockets of BELIEF systems, never anything to do with race, skin color, religion, status, sex. When people start talking, “I’m gay”, or    “I’m Christian”…”American”, and so on…I know any exchange is going to be superficial at best. There’s so much layering to each person, and even those relationships we feel that we’re the most “real’ in…never really get to the core of anything honest. As humans, we just don’t expose ourselves on that level. This gets into personas, and ego…and I don’t want to get into that now.

It’s usually not until we are gravely ill, perhaps on our death beds, or at the moment of some life-threatening accident….bleeding out…that all the bullshit lifts, and we exist for a brief time, naked. Where we throw up our hands, dispose of all beliefs, let go of control, and are WILLING, OPEN, and receptive to everything/anything! The great humbling. Why should it be so short lived? What would this world be like…if we could occupy that space always? Well…guess that’s where the line draws itself. Those that feel it would be wonderful, and those that believe it would be the worst thing imaginable. So, somewhere around that area…is where I tend to lay focus. All the rest I speak about, are merely examples of that.

I’m no “better” then anyone else…no different really. We’re all just mirrors of each other. One singular consciousness having multiple (individual) experiences. There are things about my “self” I loath, personas that pop up in different situations. I still “posses” fears, beliefs, limitations. I have not de-programmed myself completely. There’s actually some block in place that continues to whisper….”You don’t want to go there. You don’t want to wake up completely”. I’m tied to this earth, this plane of existence, this position…by a part of me that very much…does not want to let go. Still…I tip-toe around this place, looking at it from as many angles as possible. Studying it. Wondering.

It makes it very difficult to relate to most people….to interact on any level. Even the more “philosophical” ones, bcuz I have this innate need to keep peeling back the layers. No one wants their belief system poked and probed, and peeled back. To risk sounding arrogant, I don’t find people very stimulating. Spiritually. It’s why I prefer to hang out with young children. Perhaps something me and Jacko have in common? Children aren’t as clothed in belief, and they come out of left field with awesomely, fresh concepts. They “play” with everything available to them. Wide-open…exploring, experimenting, expressing every emotion without thought. They are our true teachers…and we forsake them constantly. Another post for another time.

I can function on this level….day to day, in and out. I can play this game as well as the next person, but…it’s not anything I find enJOYable. Not that I don’t find pleasure in the simplest of things. I do. I just wonder why there’s so little interest in anything else (to others)?!? Why the last thing people are willing to do is put it down for a moment? Try something else. Or…not engage in anything for a time? The Matrix, the BOX…our frame-of-mind…………..and no one wanting to venture outside that???? It’s crazy. It’s crazy when there’s SO MUCH MORE. So much more.

Some of us never leave the vicinity we were born in….be that physically, mentally, or emotionally. People will talk at length, with passion about the middle east, and all it’s woes, but have never been there (in any sense). Merely mimicking things they’ve heard. People will lament about the past, as if it’s sacred….they cherish it, and swear themselves to repeat it, never thinking that it should be laid to rest. Never considering that maybe there is no past, no future. Only now. So, here I am speaking to myself again 😉 cuz I well understand that this is best way to lose peoples attention. Few ever get this far with me. Boring! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Who the hell wants to know what I think? It’s all the same bullshit, really. Hypocritical-speak. I, I, I. I think this….I feel that. Me/them…division. Doesn’t lead anywhere. Doesn’t mean anything. This is my frustration with it all. There’s NO WAY to explain it, express it…share it. There’s absolutely no way to TEACH it. Nor, should it be taught. As Krishnamurti would say….”Who am I teach you” (to help you/to save you)? The best we can do is lead through example………and I’m way not there yet, which is obvious, and painfully dilutes everything I’m saying. Gesh. If I was there…DOING/BEING…there would be no blog, no rants, no rambles. I would just glide around, gracefully…brush past people and they would say, “Wow….that’s IT”. Yeah……………….so not there (yet). 😛

Got way off track on this post. Was suppose to be a primer into Occult Occupation of the Masses. Whah.

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