Predator Alert: Parents of young girls!

Okay, not “predator” in the sense of life-threatening, but in my opinion….just as disturbing!

Was doing a little research in the area of Neurolingustic Programming (NLP), and all that really came up on Youtube, were these videos on a new program called “PUA (pick up artist) Method”. Supposedly developed to help nerdy guys get the hot chicks…learn how to approach, and “handle” women (with decreased risk of rejection). One of the founders insists guys are “dropping out of college” to dedicated themselves to “mastering” this method. That it’s the new Dungeons & Dragons. Guys with poor social skills, that once stayed at home playing “life” games online, virtually hitting on women…now they’re out on the street…in force…sighting real prey!

I say “prey” ‘cuz the videos I watch are sickening. I’m not blaming these guys, or attacking this PUA program. My concern is with the extreme level of complete IGNORANCE, gullibiliy, and dangerous insecurity of young women! These guys make videos of their pickup plays, and I have yet to see their tactics fail! Every single chick falls for it. Not one, kicks one of these guys in the balls, or at least slaps them in the face.

The repetitive phrase throughout a lot of these videos is basically, “these chicks are just human…they wan’t to get laid too! They’re gonna go home with someone and have sex. It might as well be you!” “You” being the “nice” guy, not the “asshole” that always wins the girl at the end of the night.

It could all be viewed as innocent, and it could be nothing more then a new-age, upgraded social dynamic. It’s not the 1900’s anymore. Men don’t court women. I know that. It’s out there, it’s happening…that’s that. If you’re the parent of a young girl/woman….just attempt to shed light on this program, and have them aware of what kind of jungle they’re playing around in. Women are completely capable of handling this environment, and taking care of themselves…IF they’re AWARE of what they’re up against.

If you have male children….PLEASE, raise them to be compassionate towards women!!! Not to be afraid of them, or believe they’re a crazy, alien-force, or twisted beguilers to pit themselves against. If they’re little….try not to draw a distinct line between male/female, masculine/feminine. Allow boys to get in-touch with their feminine side, and girls to be tom-boys. The whole separation of sexes, perpetuates the predator/prey game…that leads away from LOVE.

Good jumping off point for video examples…

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