Resolutions for 2010

Better late than never.

I finally quit smoking. Something I didn’t think I was capable of doing, but I did…cold turkey (and still with half a carton left)! Probably something I might never have done…if not for James. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to love ourselves FOR ourselves. None the less……..NO MORE CIGS!

In place of smoking? James and I are walking (almost) every morning. There’s so much that I associate with smoking, it’s crazy!!! It’s almost impossible to get online, or work on the computer. To do artwork, drive in the car, eat, etc, etc…without wanting a smoke. So, I’m doing things that I don’t associate with smoking, like….gardening, walking, knitting. Trying to keep myself as busy as possible, which is really good. There’s a ton of stuff to do that isn’t smoking.

I was 260 lbs in labor with James. I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 215, but it’s still too much. I’ll say about 40lbs too much! I’ve always been heavy, well-rounded, large-framed…whatever. Still, losing weight is one of my constant resolutions. I’ve got the Kefir thing, which should help with the candida which I know I have. I’m a Virgo…so it’s typical that my digestive system is always over stressed. It’s where I hold on to everything. Over abundance of yeast leads to being over-weight, so hopefully the Kefir will help with that. I normally don’t allow myself a lot of luxuries when it comes to eating, but during pregnancy…for once…it seemed I had an excuse. Bad move on my part…to start following cravings. I’ve lost what I’ve gained, but now I’m more prone to not think about what I’m putting in my mouth. Anyway…I’m gonna cut back on the carbs. I can’t go crazy with it, bcuz I’m breastfeeding and don’t want to go into ketosis. So, I’ll do things like sweet potatoes instead. Maybe get some coconut or nut flours to do some occasional baking, and sprouted grain bread in moderation. That should keep things in balance. Get back to cutting out all sweets/sugar…except fresh fruit. Along with the walking that might help drop down to 200.

That’s my first goal. 200 lbs. I’ll have to find some scales, but……………that’s my next big thing to achieve. I’ll keep everyone posted. I have a bunch of other goals, but that’s the next on my list.

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