Rethinking Meat….

I watched a David Sazuki program on slaughter houses, when I was 16. The next day I became a vegetarian. Cold turkey, no excuses, no waffling. I stayed a vegetarian for about 10 years, then I moved to the south…and slowly slacked back to eating meat. At the time…there was literally nothing available that catered to a vegetarian lifestyle (where I happened to be living/without being able to drive at the time). No healthfood stores, no healthfood section of Piggly Wiggly. Yes, bean, rice, fruits and veg, but that was it. I was also receiving intense attacks for my stance. I was use to being teased in Toronto, sometimes to the point of tears, but mostly it was accepted, and sometimes even cool. The south was completely different (20 years ago). No one would give it a rest about how wrong it was. That’s not why I fell back on eating meat. I think I was just being lazy. IDK.

Anyway….was clicking around Youtube last night, and saw this video below titled “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”. I had no idea what it was about…just looking for anything stimulating while drawing. Well….it’s about animal holocaust. :/ Everything made sense, of course. I enjoy meat for the most part, but I don’t enjoy the way animals are treated industrially. There’s nothing “humane” about it. I have nothing against people hunting to put food on the table, I’m just not capable of it. I also don’t have a problem with folks that raise their own meat. Again…I just can’t do it. I know I could if I had to, but I don’t have to. And…if I can’t kill it myself…what am I doing eating it?? Really….I’m not okay what that level of hypocrazy!

So….I didn’t make it through this video. I can sit through a lot of shit, so I was surprised that I had to turn it off, half way through the slaughtering footage. The new born piglets really did it for me, about 10 minutes into it.

It was actually a part of the video that I randomly clicked on, that talked about children. About how when we’re young….animals bring complete joy to our lives. Can be a frog, or a bug, or a pet…doesn’t matter. They’re our best friends, they make us smile, and we’ll do anything to protect them. Somehow that gets conditioned out of us, and we turn on them. Just made me think that…feeding meat to James is a really shitty thing to be doing. Just bcuz he doesn’t understand that what he’s eating is dead animal, that doesn’t make it okay. If he did understand…I know he wouldn’t appreciate it. I know he wouldn’t eat it. Now I feel like I’m contaminating his spiritual energy! Feels like a sin. So, I’m thinking about not doing it anymore. He loves meat, but I’m pretty sure I can make substitutes that are satisfying to him, and he won’t miss it. Not at 3 years old.

I’ll experiment with some recipes, and see how it goes. Nothing super strict. I’ll still do free-range eggs, and organic milk, cheese, and yogurt. Maybe use the money I’d otherwise spend on meat, and buy some decent fish. We don’t eat enough fish, I think. I have only been buying organic meat, but….I honestly think the bar is being dropped on organics as they become more popular. Definitely doesn’t mean what it use to.

If James decides at 5 or 6, or 10…that wants to eat meat, and doesn’t care about animals being killed for it, then I’m not going to stand in his way, of course. Somehow I don’t think it’s ever going to be an issue. Luckily I’m fairly well educated on how to do veg-head properly, and I don’t at all have any concerns about it being unhealthy for young children…as long as it is done properly.

So….that’s just an update on yet another thing our happy little tribe is stepping away from. We’ve also gone shampoo-free. Still have yet to give the TP-free a try. Baby steps!

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