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This is a review that’s close to my heart, because Tropical Traditions is the company that sorta got me started blogging. Tropical Traditions is one of those great, grass-root companies that makes every effort to stay ‘involved’ and be a business of ‘substance’. They have a great blog for giveaways they sponsor. CLICK HERE to check it out & enter to win some amazing, healthy products you’ll love! When I first came across their blog, it planted the seed that “I could have a blog of my own”….and maybe….someday, I could endorse their company too. So, I can’t say how excited I was when they agreed to welcome me into their review circle!!! I’m stoked!

I found Tropical Traditions about 4 years back, when I first learned about the wonders of Virgin Coconut Oil, and was looking for a good price, and a good supplier. Tropical Traditions is both! They’re an amazing company with top-notch customer service, an awesome sense of community, sustainability & health……that resonates through all the products they offer. They’ve added lots of amazing products over the years, that I have to admit I haven’t tried all…but I have a list I’m slowly working through. 🙂 I swear by their coconut oil! It’s the best! I also love their coconut flour….if you enjoy baking (and eating baked goods), but are looking for a healthy (gluten/wheat-free) alternative to flour….it’s a must try! Anyway…….I could go on and on about how much I love them, but this is a review on a specific product, so I need to focus. 😛

omega-3 greens tropical traditionsomega-3 greens tropical traditionsI choose the Omega-3 Greens Antioxidant Powder to review. Was feeling a bit run down over the past few months, and I know that I’m not eating a really healthy diet. Being a new mom, I’m picking at food here & there when I can…not always having the energy to fix a real, balanced meal for myself. I’ve been eating a lot of what James eats….basically baby-mush that he doesn’t finish. Not enough for a nursing mom to get by on! So, the Omega-3 Greens sounded like the perfect solution, and it has been! First, I noticed a nice, gentle increase in energy, then a day or so….my digestive system felt more relaxed and less stressed. As a Virgo….I hold all my tension in my gut. Not a lot works to help calm my stomach down…but this has. Plus, I noticed an increase in lactation. I attribute that to the milk thistle, but….like with all mammals, how do you make more milk? More greens!

The container is 13.7 oz (389 grams), and comes with a 13g scoop = 30 servings….enough for one month/daily use. It’s currently on sale for $38.99, which might sound like a lot at first, but when you realize all that’s packed into it. It’s a great price for such a potent supplement! Works out to around $1.33 a serving/day. Make a trade off for that daily coffee….and choose good health instead! Save when you stock up on 2 or more containers.


There’s too many great things to list in this review, so make sure to check out the Tropical Traditions website for more info. I will list some of the great ingredients though…to get an idea of all that’s packed into this product (per lil’ ol’ 13g scoop)….

  • 340mg omega-3 (ala)
  • 2600mg of organic flax (cold-milled & lignan concentrate)
  • 2010mg organic greens blend (barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa)
  • 2000mg organic vegetable blend (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and parsley juice powders)
  • 1800mg sunflower lecithin (non-mgo)
  • 1525mg organic/antioxidant blend (concord grape, acerola cherry, milk thistle, red beet, aloe vera, pomegranate, tumeric, kelp, green tea, red wine extract, grape seed, blueberry leaf………….just to mention a few)

it also contains enzymes & diary-free probiotics…great for balance and health of the digestive system

It’s sweetened with Stavia, a natural plant sweetener. Comes in natural Berry or Mint flavor, and with or without licorice root. Contains NO fillers, diary, soy, MSG, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


I absolutely feel better when I’m drinking this daily! A noticeable increase in energy…and it’s a nice stable, usable energy….not like that garbage, hypedswamp seltzer feeling you get from sugary, energy-drinks. It’s long lasting…no crash & burn. It’s best for those days when everything seems to go out the window…and I forget about taking care of myself. It’s so simple to mix up a glass, and counters any bad slip ups you might have…like that cupcake, or 3rd cup of coffee. I mix it with larger amounts of water, as I find it a little on the sweet side. Normally I just drink it mixed with water, but it’s also good mixed with soda water….I call it Swamp Seltzer. Also, really great….for those that might have a problem getting any sort of ‘healthy’ drink down, just blend it with plain yogurt or kefir, and add frozen banana. Is an absolutely De-lish “Green Goddess” Smoothie!!!! I bet it would be great in desserts or baked goods too! Mmmmm…Omega-3 frozen yogurt 🙂

green goddess smoothieI easily give Tropical Traditions Omega-3 Greens 5 stars! It’s a great product with a lot of thought put into it. Well-rounded as a supplement. I love it when I can trust that someone else has put all the thought & research into something, and make it easy for others to use. It blends up & dissolves really easy. No lumps. Would be the perfect choice if you have kids that aren’t too serious about eating a balanced diet, especially when it comes to “greens”. Also, it’s not none of those products that tricks kids into getting their nutrients. It looks healthy, it tastes healthy, and it is healthy….and I think most kids would respect that, and drink it up (maybe mixed with a little juice). I haven’t given James a lot of it, but he does take a sip here and there…and he really likes it. My roommate likes it too….and she’s one of those ‘big’ kids that just has to hear the word “healthy” (in reference to anything that goes in her mouth), and she shut downs. That she’s actually had several glasses is testament in itself!

Note: Neither Myself, nor Tropical Traditions suggest this product be given to babies.

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  1. I love Tropical Traditions too. You’re right, the coconut oil is the best. This Omega 3 sounds interesting. I may have to try it. I’m a new gfc follower from the This for That linky

  2. I’m convinced! If James likes it, it must taste good 🙂 He is totally precious, by the way, and I do love the outfit you made…you really are one crafty lady 🙂 I wish I could do 1/3 of the things you are able to do! Or maybe even just one 🙂 My daughter seems to have a crush on James…she came by to watch the video and laid her head on my arm and just smiled at him!

    1. ahhhhhhh, shucks. thanks. 🙂
      yeah…….he has that effect on people! you should have seen us at disney. was ridiculous! i know everyone loves babies, but….something about him radiates! we couldn’t get more then 20 feet without someone else stopping us to oggle him. literally. not even exaggerating. it was wearing him out. lol. eventually i bought him a big hat for him to hide behind. i keep thinking that i could get him in ads or something, many scams out there. hard to tell what’s legit. i guess the ones that doesn’t charge money. 😛
      thanks for the comment! xoxox

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