Sandy Hook Sync: Dark Knight Rising, NLP, Sleeper and stuff…

Dark Knight Rising: This one I never would have found, since I haven’t watched the movie, but there’s some heavy, tragic shit surrounding the Batman series…most notable now: Heath Ledgers death, the Aurora shootings, and now…the Sandy Hook shootings.

Sandy Hook Advances Dark Knight For America

“Theatricality and deception, powerful agents to the uninitiated, but we are initiated aren’t we, Bruce? Members of the League of Shadows. And you betrayed us.”

~ Bane

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Most people can’t process something like this. My roommate is one of them.

“Did you hear about Dark Knight thing with the….”. “Yeah, yeah….I saw that”. After turning back to what she was doing, and completely ignoring me for a few minutes….”SO, what do you think?” “About what?” “OMG…..about the Dark Knight stuff! Don’t you think that’s odd?” “I think it’s ridiculous. The mother was a prepper, and her son was very disturbed. She was trying to get him into a mental institution, permanently, and he was really upset about that”. “Oh, right…so he took a gun, and went and shot a bunch of kids?” Blank stare……………”I think it’s ridiculous”.

I asked her if she’d ever heard of Sandy Hook before. No, and neither had I. It’s not Atlanta, or Los Angles, or New York that showed up on some map in the movie. Coincidence? Perhaps. Eerie none the less. It’s what some call Syncromysticsm, (the study of coincidence, synchronicity, and symbolism in everyday experience, viewed with mystic/esoteric eyes) with the basic idea that we collectively write our reality, and in somehow doing so…we leave ourselves clues, small markers of the Matrix that are hidden in plain sight, to “sync” ourselves in as co-authors. My take on it anyway. Others believe it’s “Mocking the Victim”, where the powers that be…leave insignificant clues of their evil-doings….to intentionally, albeit subconsciously laugh at us all. Does it matter, when syncs only become obvious after-the-fact? No one watching Dark Knight rising noticed “Aurora”, or “Sandy Hook” as anything significant. If they had…..who would have taken them seriously?  What would it have stopped? Nothing, when even after the fact, blatantly staring us in the face….it’s impossible for folks to process that kind of information. It’s just too weird.

Was it a trigger? TRIGGERS are planted everywhere in plain sight. In newspaper headlines, cartoon shows, sit-coms, commercials, movies, lyrics in songs, or the videos themselves. They’re visual, or auditory signals used to awaken Sleepers. Sleepers are mind-controlled assassins. Shouldn’t be too far of stretch for people to accept the concept of…something our government has admitted to playing with (in the past). Think this video of Derren Brown’s is quite telling….

I’ve posted before about the increasing interest in mind-control, hypnosis, and NLP, where there’s a huge wave of men….investing a lot time, money, and effort into mastering these tactics to pic up chicks. And, it doesn’t hurt for negotiating the price on a new car, successfully winning over an employer, getting out of a traffic ticket, or convincing your wife you need a new toy. That’s the allure. Once one has mastered the techniques…………what CAN’T it be used for? Who can’t it be used on?

I first got interested in NLP after seeing Silence of the Lambs. I know it was a movie, but the concept was real…where someone could operate smoothly enough…..where just with words alone, they could get someone to cut the flesh off their face, or….eat someone. How Hannibal was kept behind thick glass, bcuz a mere touch was enough to send someone into a mind controlled trance. How many times a day are you touched by someone you don’t know? Not that this isn’t doable with those you do know.

The interesting thins about mind-controlled programming is…’s not off limits to anyone. Anyone can learn it, and with enough intention and practice……..get really good at it. That should scare the shit out of all of us. I’m not insisting that the government was behind this school shooting. I’m suggesting that someone was, and that Adam Lanza was merely a Sleeper (mentally disturbed or not).  Those taking psychotropic medication are just easier to program, bcuz they walk around in a semi-trance state all the time to begin with.

So, not that far out there to think that an intelligent person wanting to carry out some crime or agenda…remotely, and not be linked to it anyway whatsoever, could pick someone at random to perform as a puppet. I always get suspicious when the killer offs themselves in the end. It makes perfect sense, that the crime being so heinous…they couldn’t live with themselves after. But..Sleepers wake up eventually, and it’s best not to have them around for questioning, now or months from now.

What do you think? Was Lanza just mentally troubled? Autistic? Angry that his mom was looking to lock him up? Does that explain or justify shooting children? Where’s the connection in that? Do you think it’s strange that main-stream news keeps changing the story? Do you believe in mind control?? Leave a comment.

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