Satanism in our US Military, and beyond…

Douglas Dietrich – Occultism & Satanism in the U.S. MilitaryDouglas Dietrich - Occultism & Satanism in the U.S. Military
This is something I don’t have a lot of time to post about…The pervasiveness of Satanism throughout this country, in every industry imaginable, and harder to believe…in your own neighborhood. From churches to daycare centers, youth groups, to old age homes.

Don’t be looking for the goth kids running around in vampire costumes with, with black lipstick, and purple hair (although they play into on a certain level). Most Satanist are people you’d NEVER expect….they work at your bank, at your kids school, they’re policemen, and lawyers, and those sweet Christian folk next door, or the lovely Jewish family down the street. Not to start an argument, but they’re even knocking on your door…Watchtower magazines in hand, trying to turn you on to God. They give us our news, entertain us, write us prescriptions, hand us our laws.

We’re crazy steeped in…literally fed it round the clock, and not many seem aware of it, or concerned about it. To each their own. I just don’t like covert bullshit! But, they view us all as stupid, and less then…so in their minds they’re not doing anything wrong, even when it leads to the death of innocent people. There are ‘innocent people’, just stupid people…lining up, buying it, sucking it up, slathering it on, shoveling it down, and demanding more.

I’ll try and find more time to post about this subject, bcuz I find it fascinating….the levels, the degrees. CHECK OUT THE ABOVE REDICE INTERVIEW FOR TWISTED GLIMPSE INTO OUR MILITARY (CULT). Part 2 requires membership…but well worth it, if you’re interested in alternative news. €15.00 for 3 months (and can use paypal).

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