Save Walmart full service fabric department! Petition

Walmart is slowly doing away with their fabric department, and replacing it with precut, prepacked, fabric squares. Like that’s gonna work 😕

In an ideal world I wouldn’t buy my fabric at Walmart. Nope…I’d order sustainable, organic fabric direct from foriegn co-ops. I’d buy gorgeous, silkscreened fabric direct from designers. I’d travel the world for the finest silks, and Tibetan, woolen weaves. In an ideal world their wouldn’t be any Walmarts at all. But alas, I get a lot of my fabric at Walmart. I get mostly everything at walmart (or Goodwill).

Big box stores suck, but they’re cheap, and easy…and since tearing up the mom and pop fabric of this country…there’s not much else left to choose from. Not where I am anyway. It’s all big-box. The only nice thing about Walmart (to me) is their craft and fabric department. I have two nearby, one has closed it’s fabric section already, and the other has been moved off to the side, and downsized. I guess per square foot of retail space, they’re making enough money off it.

Anyway….if it’s of interest to you……’s a petition to sign to save it.

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