School Shooting: Work of a Mad(e)Man?


I know as I was looking into things, thousands of others were doing the same online. I know the second Ryan Lanza’s name was released, his Facebook page was slammed. I know that others went on to Google maps, eyeing out the location of Sandy Hooks Elementary, and the surrounding area, for the slightest sign of something odd. I’m sure several (like me) eventually settle on Fairfield Hills, the areas former mental institution. Why odd? It was used as the ‘Wilkinson Home for Boys’, in the 1995 movie Sleepers, where boys were systematically tortured, beaten, and raped. How the hell is that relevant?

“Sleeper” is the same as a Manchurian candidate. Someone that is subconsciously programmed to carry out an assassination, at some specific time and place, carrying out some specific, scripted plot. The person doesn’t have any idea whatsoever, that they’re programmed as a killer. They go about their regular, daily life, until some keyword or phrase is used on them (typically during a phone call/remotely). The person then goes into automatic drive, unaware of their actions, and doesn’t turn off until their “mission” is complete. In the movie, the abused boys gun down their abusers one by one. I won’t be surprised if there was some sort of sexual abuse of the Sandy Hooks shooter, at the hands of his parents. But…

I’m going to let the ‘experts’ continue on with this. The situation is not something that turns me on, and there are enough people out there much better at puling together pieces, and adding things up then I am. I know that many are trying hard at the moment, to esoterically hook together Hurricane Sandy with the shooting, and I’m sure someone will succeed. It amazed me…what ordinary people with an internet connection could do with the whole Aurora shooting incident! The whole thing bothers me, as it should every person. All I stress is to keep an open-mind in all directions. Yes, it could be some totally (SUPER) fucked up individual. Sure, it could be some black op shit, meant to destroy the constitution. Either way…we all walk around in stupid-stupor…grossly distracted by our own self-amusements, until something like this happens to snap us out of ourselves for a second or two. Then….it’s back to the stupor. The world is becoming a bigger place, and…we don’t know our neighbors, we don’t know our kids friends, we don’t pay the slightest fucking attention to what’s going on around us!!! There’s no sense of community anymore, and we’re all Sleepers to some extent. In all that there’s a message. In a world where kids can’t be safe at school, where innocent, young children can be used in some twisted agenda…or a madman can plot something so evil without notice….on any level…we have a lot of changing to do!!!

Too early to have much of a comment, and too sickening to comment in the first place, BUT…watch the back-lash on this deeply, deeply sad event. I call Manchurian. I don’t care how severely disturbed an individual is…..that just doesn’t happen!!! I don’t care how fucked up they are…NO ONE opens up fire on young children! Except maybe military, when scagging around in other countries where they’re completely brain-washed in the moment. Again though…that’s my point….brain-washed. I think it’s got everything to do with gun laws, and nothing else.

A few years ago, something like this would happen and everyone took it at face value. Now? I don’t think any major event can take place, without a large majority calling it “false-flag”. If there was a need to pump up war…it would be a group of “Terrorists” that attacked this school. This will be a 20-something guy, mild-mannered, troubled behind the facade…probably on meds. Perhaps x-military. Bought his gear online, premeditated the whole thing….probably with some letter that will surface, for an explanation. People need some kind of an explanation to move on. And, a great, instant rally against guns. I’m not pro or con when it comes to guns, if that matters. It doesn’t. It’s completely troubling when shit like this takes place to carry out an agenda. If they want to do away with guns……………just fucking do it already. Don’t sacrifice children to carry out an objective!

Obviously the Aurora shootings didn’t have enough impact.

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