Sellers Beware…the dreaded "review/giveaway" inquiry email

Okay….new blog, not primed for the big-time reviews. Thinking in that whole ‘point A to point B’ thing, and thinking that it would make sense to start small. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. My thoughts turned towards Etsy….since I’m a Seller as well as a Blogger. (note: JadedGypsy is not my first/only shop on Etsy. I’ve been selling my wares there for 3 years). Anyway…yeah, Etsy Sellers. They always need help with promotion. Not!

Now, some blogs are legitimate efforts on the part of their owners. One blog and a lot of heart & soul….blood, sweat, tears, and late nights! And, a hell of a lot of them are spammy, scammy, stinkholes…just one of a dozen or more blogs the owner has. Still legit, just not in the same, honest, homespun vein. Back to my point (if I have one)…Sellers at Etsy are hyper-paranoid of being taken advantage of!!! There’s endless threads in the forum about how to spot us blogger, to beware, and not fall for our scams. That are blogs are “fronts” for free merchandise. <deep sigh>

So, there’s the conundrum. Mom blogs want to do reviews & giveaways to increase their traffic. First problem? They’re too small/new to have BIG companies making offers. And, so it seems…they’re too small/new to have fledgling, struggling, indie-business interested either! Wtf? So, what’s a blog to do??? I guess focus on other things till you’ve got some time/posts/traffic under your belt. Then help out those Sellers that wouldn’t have given you the time of day earlier. Hrumph. That’s where there seems to be a glitch, where I think these Sellers are hurting themselves by rejecting every offer that comes their way. It reminds too much of borders and fenced in communities…in order to keep ones self “safe”. Rather then working together, and coming up with something productive and beneficial to both parties. It’s a standstill.

Solution? IDK. I posted one idea over in one of the threads at Etsy. It seems like a good thought for them to be open-minded and professional, and take a little infinitive, and……..maybe something to keep in mind if you’re making any inquiries for product/reviews/giveaways. First, that a button/banner be placed on the blog (for lets say 2 weeks). Also, an interview on the Seller, and a review of their shop. Then the Seller can keep a close eye on their traffic/views/sales, and see if there’s any increase. If all goes well, then it seems logical that the Seller would be more interested in sending out something to review. That some level of TRUST has been established. But, who knows for sure.

Trust is a funny thing. I guess I’d suggest that both parties do some research on one another, and follow their gut.

In the back of my head there’s something smaller and more proactive for bloggers and cottage-industry businesses for just this sort of thing. there’s a lot of sites offering to connect (established) bloggers to big business, but seems like it could work the other way around…connecting small businesses to small blogs.  There I go………..imaging some site that I don’t have time to start or maintain. but….another grand idea! Etsy could implement that (but they won’t). A place where Sellers could post if they wanted an interview, shop review, or product review. And, what they were willing to pay for it. Kidding! 😛

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I’m tired. Gonna go to bed. Need to shut of my mind for a little.

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