Shout Outs

There's no end to online "gurus" and their systems for sale - and with most of it comes much wonky and disruptive drama. Nowhere is that truer than in the raw-vegan community - where insecurity, back-biting and ego can seriously detract from the few who are offering up decent, holistic wisdom. To save you wading through that absurd mess - I've got a handful of honestly clear folk who are available to inspire and guide you in your way! 


Robert is a strong and radiant expression who shares the focus of detoxification through "terrain modification". His no-nonsense approach is valuable and full of well-researched common sense - revolving around simple cause and effect. Where we clean up our inner and outer environments - there's a vibrational shift that's no longer hospitable to lower-frequency junk. He clearly teaches how detoxification is a process of love and respect - not a battle to be won. 
Robert offers membership and courses through his Earther Academy website and products through Earth Shift Products. F
ind him on Facebook, and get started with tons of amazing detox videos on his Youtube channel.


Dan The Man is a detoxification pilgrim who's absolutely grown into his own brand of holistic clarity. With intensity and passion, he inspires folk to challenge themselves to shift out of their comfort zones. Dan offers great quality products, courses, and a 30-day challenge through his website Regenerate Your Life. You can also find him on Facebook and loads of free content on his Youtube channel.


With over 18 years of experience in raw-food - Matt and his (raw) family offer up sound nutritional wisdom on holistic health and clean living (from their beautiful retreat in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, known as the "Valley of Longevity). Check out a great range of products, books, DVDs, equipment, and info at their Raw Food World website - where they offer discount memberships. Also, find them on Facebook and endless raw wisdom and amazing recipe videos on Youtube. Or directly to the source - by visiting their retreat!


Everyone is familiar with David for bringing us the #1 selling kitchen appliance - the Nutribullet, but long before that he was a dedicated holistic health advocate and activist. With too much to list - I suggest you start with his website. You can purchase top quality goods from his online shop - LongevityWarehouse. Take his Nutrition Certification course, and visit him on Facebook or Youtube.


Cookie is a warrior in her own right - and an inspiration when it comes to the long-haul of clarity thru detoxification! Her before and after transformation doesn't require words, but her quirky/fun personality, and stoic resolve - insist that true, radiant health is doable for everyone (where you don't give up). I'm way proud of her in countless ways! Please check out her Youtube channel. Learn more about her journey, photography, music, books, and coaching on her website. Visit her on Facebook and Google+.



Not just for the laughs - but the laughs are good, healthy, pure, and intelligently insightful! Vegan Police offers very decent and much needed "edutainment" in the vegan world! Check him out and support him on Youtube, Facebook, and Google+ page. 


Not much of an introduction is needed - other than John is a 62-year-old raw vegan of 26 years! He's been there and done that, and then some! The grand-daddy of RAW and founder of Juice Feasting! Sage wisdom - and lots of it! your support on Youtube, and Facebook.


Another example of a raw-vegan powerhouse of energy. Kristina is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S. On top of that she does loads of raw recipe videos on her Youtube channel, writes books, manages a website, has started her own organic juice line ($$), and raw body products ($$). I'm adding Kristina to this list for those who seek something colorful, upbeat, and high-end. Personally, she is too commercial for my taste but I can't fault her for leveraging the System to promote healthier living. For the time being - we all need to "make a living".