I swore James and I weren’t getting sick again this year. Or at least…….health and immunity was going to be at the top of the priority list.

It’s what? February? I need some kind of a kickoff event party to move on the whole thing? Sure – no…….instead………we get sick, AGAIN!!!! The third time since Halloween, that we’ve had a major cold. I watched James get sick right before my eyes, at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween-Party. At the “Germiest Place On Earth”. By the next morning – I had it too. It dragged on too long, and then we’re sick again around Christmas. I remember swearing not to go out (under any circumstances) for Black Friday….that’s when we usually pick up something atrocious.

Anyway….Beth got sick, and I didn’t take it seriously enough. I actually thought…..”that’s nice for a change – her sick, instead of us”. That was stupid, and sealed the deal… a few days later – she’s better, and we caught some mutated form of whatever she had. Somehow she caught a cold, and we caught the flu! Luckily not bad. Temps of 101, and some vomiting. No diarrhea, but nausea, and congestion, and feels like I got hit by a freight train, and someone injected MSG into my head….one of those constant ear-splitting headaches. James is on the rebound, and me? I’m hoping today is the worst of it, cuz the better James feels….the less I can keep up, and the more of a wreck the house becomes. 😛

I know for a fact that this is my event party – the thing to kick my ass in gear. I asked for it in that sense. The worst part is…..that I had to pull James through it with me!!! That pisses me off!

Now – I’m frantically working my way through random detox tricks (frantic and detox don’t play well together!),  and all this could have been avoided had I just stuck to my guns. I’m drinking Kombucha, and Ozonated water, and sticking the ozone tube in my ears (cuz they’re hurting), I’m taking spoonfuls of raw cider vinegar, raw honey, and cinnamon (note: this is not a good combination!!! After 12 hours it absolutely has the viscosity of SNOT!) Tastes good, and works great for soothing my throat and cough, but I can barely get it down. Mix honey and cinnamon, and use as a chaser for ACV (separately)! I just got out of a HOT, epsom salt bath, ran around the cold house naked….looking for clothes, and I’m waiting on an enema bag of salt water to reach body temperature. I’ve been taking magnesium, cod liver oil, neem leaf, turmeric, and ginger.

I can’t tell if I feel better or not? I do, but I don’t. Right? I want it to be a 100% GONE – RIGHT NOW!!!!

There’s this definite pity-party vibe behind it all – that I’m wondering if I shouldn’t “examine”. There’s a part of me that wants to fall apart in a heap on the floor, and have someone take care of me. Well, not someone….my MOM. I want to that whole 5-star Nurse Mom treatment!!!! My mom….growing up, was of the belief that the more attention you paid to someone who was sick…..they worse they got. I still believe that’s the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard of in my life! So…..maybe bcuz I never got that? Who knows. There’s always more too it. Still circles back around to me not being “response able” towards myself. At this point….I’m bored with breaking it down, and just want to PUSH through it…..get on with taking better CARE of myself.

I’m totally FRUSTRATED!!! My mind isn’t working right. My body is useless right now. I have enough energy to get me from the couch to the toilet, to the bed (thank God)….and that’s about it. Tomorrow HAS to be better!!!!!! Has to be! Gonna go drink some more liquids, do my enema, and some energy work – clearing James and I of pathogens. I’ll post back tomorrow on how absolutely amazing I’m feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Yeee!

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