Woke up yesterday with a bad sore throat. Positive it’s from Black Friday. >:(

I wasn’t careful enough…now that I think about it. All those people…all those germs. I can’t remember touching a lot of stuff. Thinking it must have been the checkout machine with the buttons. It’s one thing everyone has their grimy fingers on. They should make tiny cans of Lysol you can hang on a keychain! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ah well…’s worse today. My head is completely stuffed, my neck hurts, my ears are itchy, my eyes are scratchy feeling and sore. ARRGGGH! Have ZERO strength! All I’m hoping is that James doesn’t get it, which is really hard, since we’re always in the same spot, sharing everything. Caught myself a hundred times yesterday….going for a sip of his juice, or him trying to put his fingers in my mouth…sharing a cracker or something. No kisses! Whah! ๐Ÿ™

Don’t want to Beth to catch it either, bcuz last time she was sick….James caught it bad. She’s not as mindful as mom.

So………..need to keep away from everyone till I kick this. I’m taking xylitol nose drops, coconut oil, and MMS (mineral miracle solution). Hopefully that helps with the battle! I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else get sick from being out in the masses on Black Friday?

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