Sleazy ad links…worth the trouble?

Did I post something about doing more crafting and less affiliate marketing? 😕

My inbox is overflowing with email instructions to post this and that link on my blog, for followers. Mindlessly, trying to keep up and be proactive…I’ve been trying to figure out where to squeeze them in. Last night…I didn’t dig the energy of my blog. Something, un-typically disturbing about the ‘quality’ of the ads. Made me feel dirty, cheap… sleazy. Is that too dramatic? I don’t think so.

IDK. I know that mostly moms visit here, and being a member of the “Motherhood”, I just don’t see the point of pointing moms in the direction of third-party, middle-man links that require 3 step applications to get a free gadget, snack-pack, or toy. I know some moms out there are way into couponing, and writing off for freebies. It’s not really worth it for me (time-wise), so maybe my perspective is skewed on this. I’m all for monetizing my blog, but I want to do it in an ethical manner, and with participants that vibe with my blog. So, I’m going to try and be extra careful about the ads I’m placing. I’d really love to connect more with independent, cottage businesses that really need promotion…rather then industry leaders, and corporations that don’t.

This isn’t a judgement against anyone else’s blog. We all gotta do what we gotta do. I just have to find more WAHM businesses to promote, and not just grab whatever pours into my inbox. It’s fine for generic blogs, but this is a quality site! 😉 If I’m going to take time away from my baby to work on my blog, it’s got to be decent.

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