Soft Sculpture is way fun!

Here’s just a few samples of some soft sculpture work I’ve done. All of these were sold on Etsy (a while back). One was for a Porteguese Love Rooster, and the other was an order for the characters from the movie Trading Places. I had a lot of fun making those dolls! Was actually hard to give them up in the end. I really love making intricate artist dolls of polymer clay, and fashioning all the clothes, and accessories to scale, but they take a real long time. I’ll post some pictures of the ‘higher-end’ dolls if I can find some. I’m terrible about keeping any sort of a portfolio. 😕 The art dolls take about a month each to complete. They’re extremely detailed and involved. What I love about making dolls is it weaves together a lot of different skills. The construction and frame work, the sculpting, and refining, sewing, needlework, painting and lots of accessorizing, and making props to go along with the dolls. Doll making is great for people that like to switch up their crafts a lot!

The soft-sculptured work is just as much fun, involves just as many skills, but…’s a lot faster, funkier, and more folksy. There’s a casualness about it that I really love, and it’s easier to reach into my imagination and pull out anything I want. I have lots of tid bits of materials around, scraps of fabric, and leather, mohair, and beads, junk jewerly. All sorts of stuff…so it’s a great way to use it up in a pleasing way. I like to keep the pieces fairly small, less then 12″, so I can sew them by hand. I find hand-sewing very therapeutic! I also don’t feel like I’m neglecting James when I’m hand-sewing…that I’m more available. With a sewing machine…it’s more like work, and I’m stuck in front of it.

I get an idea in my head for a piece, then i collect a bunch of things to utilize, my sewing kit….toss it all into a basket, and I can sit on the bed, or couch with James, still spending quality time together. Plus, I’ve noticed that he LOVES to watch me create stuff! I was like that to….watching my parents doing their art. That’s how I learned so much. I want James to stay a baby, but on the other hand….it’s gonna be a lot of fun when he’s old enough to craft with me!!!! 🙂

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