Some Off-Grid Inspiration (on a budget!)

I’m one of those crazy persons that’s always had a need to be close to the land, and live as megerly as possible. My idea of a “rich” life is a clean, fresh, flowing water supply…and lots of edible plants around me, and the tribe of my family near my side. Also, having the time to be creative, push my imagination, have decent tools available to create with, and be in direct contact with source. Living as simply and resourcefully as possible….keeps life fresh, and interesting.

I get sucked up in this ever expanding system, distracted by the possibilities, as well the mundane routine of it all. It’s next to impossible at times….to remember what truly available to us. Worse…we get swept up in the conspiracy of regulations and limitations, and remain boxed into the tiny spaces allotted for us. We get brain-washed into believing that everything has to be done in a very specific way, and…..that way can take up every bit of our free-time.

All we’ve got is free-time! Everything we need has been granted us by source (God), we’re all brothers and sisters…all sovereign citizens on this resource-rich orb we call Earth, but for those that want MORE and MORE….for the greedy, for the control-mongers, the war-mongers, those who are steeped in the idea of OWNERSHIP…and all that follow in their footsteps………the rest of us are displaced. Under the eyes of the creator, no one person has any AUTHORITY over another. No group has sole access to any resource. The land belongs to all of us, and there is more then enough of it to go around. There is more then enough of everything to go around. I wish everyone could SEE that. I wish everyone KNEW that…..and TRUSTED in it.

Inside The Off Grid Camper – living off the grid

Techman2015 is living in the middle of the forest, fully off the grid in a 32 foot camper I got for free from the classifieds. My rent is $200 a month for the permission to live on 90 acres of wild forested land. There is a lake for fishing and swimming and a fast running creek for fresh, cold water.

I have homemade solar panels and a homemade charge controller for power. Homemade LED lamps light up the place at night. There is even an outdoor LED light to keep predators at bay. During the night in the forest it can be a bit scary. It seems like just about everything wants to eat my chickens. Every night is a battle for their lives. I battle while they sleep unknowingly.

But it is peaceful, quiet and beautiful by day. I have a screen tent to work in outside. The mosquitoes and deer flies are horrible this year due to the light winter, so I cannot so anything much outside. The tent is a workshop for making solar panels and other off grid projects.

How To Buy A Home for $100 – Tiny Homes, Mortgage Free, Self Sufficient

Cob Houses – Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development GORGEOUSNESS!!!

DIY, recycled pallet house with IKEA-style assembly instructions

Micro-tiny homes as freedom from codes & loans

THIS GUY IS AMAZING! I wish folks were more into this way of living. I love the idea of everyone being able to build their own little shelter, tucked away here and there, all over the place.

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