SpareOne mobile phone 15 year charge of single AA battery

SpareOne Phone imagePowered by a single AA battery, its makers say that the SpareOne will be capable of holding its charge for an unbelievable 15 years and what’s more, it’s intended to be super cheap to buy too.

Think of those situations where, for instance your car breaks down, smartphone batteries aren’t exactly known for their longevity versus your typical feature phone and in a tight spot, you want the best chance of being reachable.

What the SpareOne aims to offer is a worry free solution, by keeping costs down, keep the device simple and as we’ve already mentioned, extending battery life beyond that of your average bear phone.

The SpareOne is a dual-band GSM device and takes a not-so-typical microSIM. As well as a call ID, the device also transmits its location, so if you’ve have made it your emergency phone, it helps in more ways than one.

Creators Xpal Power also suggest that the SpareOne could serve as a short-term loan phone for corporate events, as much as its role in emergencies. Interested? Picking one up will set you back one cent shy of $50, but that seems pretty reasonable for a phone with more stamina than Forest Gump.

XPal intend to show off the SpareOne along with some of their other projects once CES officially kicks off tomorrow, but in the meantime, read on for the press release and follow the source link to see the SpareOne’s very own micro site.

SpareOne, equipped with an Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery and a Micro SIM card, will be available nationwide in Q1 2012 for $49.99 on and the official site – Different versions – for the Unites States, Europe and Asia – will be available with WCDMA frequency options for selected regions.

Mama’s Thoughts: I don’t own a cell phone, and I’m not sure I’d buy this one. I have a problem with mobile phones in general….paying for something that I believe should be free. Not the phone…the service. That might sound absurd, but 2012 and I really feel that the basics of communication should come without a charge. And…don’t get me started with the division between America and Canada when it comes to cell phone or internet service.

It’s a great idea, but the “emergency” uses are limited. Good to keep in the glovebox I suppose, but if the shit hits the fan….no cell phone will be of any use. If we get hit massive solar flares, or the grid goes down…well….maybe should be looking at HAM radios instead!  I’m sure a lot of other companies will be following suit.

On a prepper’s note….consider forming a bug-out plan that doesn’t rely on electrical gadgets. Spend some time meditating on a safe retreat, and make sure your loved ones know where it is, and where to meet up in the event of catastrophe! You might have more then one location…some close by, and if that goes under….something higher ground, or more remote.

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