Spent the weekend in the hospital….

When I wrote about feeling crappy, having no energy, and something having to give…didn’t know feeling better would be having to donate my gallbladder to the cause! Had a mild attack Thursday night that lasted till Saturday and just got worse, and worse. Like a bad contraction that lasted 3 days! I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I took some percocet, and 800 mg Ibuprofen and it did nothing. I was here alone with James through the weekend, bcuz Beth was over getting the other place finished to move in. When she got home, she took me to the emergency room. I had to check myself in, bcuz we didn’t want James in with a bunch of sick people. So…went through the whole thing on my own. The gave me Dilodid (?) for the pain. That’s a crazy drug, but it worked. Spent the night in the ER. They did a ultrasound and said that my gallbladder was ‘packed’, but said I could go home (cuz I feeling better), and could reschedule surgery to remove it later in the week. I was happy about that, bcuz I hadn’t eaten in 2 days, and was starving.

When I was getting ready to go, the Dr. came back and said that there was bile in my urine…which is serious, and changed his mind. I had the surgery about 2am…..remember nothing about it! When I woke up, I dissapointed to hear that they wanted to do another invasive surgery, bcuz they saw stones in my bile duct that they assumed were trapped. So, again I was put under, with a camera shoved down my throat, into my bile duct….but they couldn’t find anything. That’s good bcuz I didn’t want anymore cutting, or risk, etc. I must have passed them overnight.

Home now…finally. Feeling worse for wear at the moment. Sore, and tired. I really didn’t want to have my gallbladder out. I was doing the flushes, but just didn’t start them in time to resolve the problem. I only did 2 flushes, that worked some, but they say you have to about 15 before you can fully flush your gallbladder, and liver. I’ve been reading a lot about post-op gallbladder removal, and people seem to be happy having it. No more insanely, painful attacks! I’m looking forward to that, and not being afraid of what I eat. Was getting ridiculous….oatmeal, yogurt, soda crackers, was about all I could handle. Hopefully…I’ll be feeling better, with more energy! The morning after the surgery I noticed my skin looked smoother, better. My eyes clearer, whiter. Since I had bile contaminating my entire digestive tract, and was throwing up every time I ate something…to point of wreaking havoc on my esophagus, throwing up blood, etc. I know…..too much information! But………….if it helps me feel better, and have clearer, cleaner energy….then it was worth it!!!! For the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been running on empty.

Now….back to tending to sweet, baby-James, and getting peoples bloglifts finished!

Sorry to everyone that’s been waiting on me, and thanks for the patients!!!!! xoxoxo Kim

3 thoughts on “Spent the weekend in the hospital….

  1. Kim you should have called me or let us know!!! wow that is so crazy I hope your feeling a lot better so sorry to hear this.. did you suspect it or how did you know !! keep in touch my sista xooxxo loves and kisses

    1. THanks 🙂
      Yeah……………was not something I was expecting. Was planning to move this past weekend. Had everything packed up. That didn’t happen, and now we’re still here…..like ice cubes. Should get better, now. But I appreciate the sympathy!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

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