Still at it! Over-thinking again!!! :/

I don’t know why I have to over-reach? Why that’s some sort of signature thing I have to have? ‘Cuz it’s for-sure not like I don’t have enough going on. I still think it’s a Virgo thing. Always searching to improve on stuff, and maybe not being completely realistic about things being fine as they are. IDK.

You think I’d be happy with the way my blog looks, but……..I’m not. I think it’s too messy, too all over the place…hard to navigate, and things getting buried under too much. 😛 I keep thinking about installing a Joomla/Virtuemart bundle…and nesting the blog(s) within it. Joomla is a great website solution for self-hosted sites. It’s pretty easy to set up, customize, and use….but I don’t love the blogging aspect of it; my preference is WordPress. Joomla does have a nfity “wrapped” application that allows one to take any exterior site, and wrap it inside their site….which is great for adding blogger, etsy, wordpress, their twitter, facebook page, etc. And not navigate people away from their site.

I don’t know. I also LOVE that Joomla gives a lot more control over sidebars. Simple and great the way they have it set up, where unlimited modules, and widgets, ad campaigns, etc can be installed on the site, and then they’re all controlled individually in admin. You can choose what pages the elements appear on, and which they don’t. Or, easy to have pages with no sidebars. There’s really just not enough room in sidebars….to spread everything out nicely and have it ‘seen’.

Joomla solves this issue….for instance. I can put all health links and ads just in the health section. I can put all my personal stuff (badges, awards, pics, etc. in the sidebar of “about us”. I can move things around to leave space for legit ads on the front page (above fold). etc. Joomla also comes with several build in areas to place extras. Not just the sidebars. Top Nav, Footer, Top of Site, etc. Not super-easy to jump into, but………..

Definitely worth looking into for those that want a blog, shop, and general website all in one. There’s some new plugins coming out for WordPress, to add a store to your blog. I’ve tried them…and found the complicated and frustrating. Maybe just not being open-minded enough. I’m sure they’ll get easier to work with. The Virtuemart plugin for Joomla is the BEST FREE program I’ve found for people that want a legit, serious SHOP. It’s really packed full of amazing features! Once familiar with it….it’s quick and easy to list product, and make changes to description, price, etc. Shipping and payment modules are included.

I don’t know….maybe I’m giving myself a headache. Maybe I’m looking for (yet) another way to distract myself!!! Maybe everything is fine the way it is?

On the other hand…..maybe it could BETTER! Q: WHAT THE HELL IS “BETTER” ANYWAY??????

I don’t know……………I don’t know…….IDK………IDK. 😕 All I know is that baby-James is up and hungry. So……..personal, blogging time is over for now!

2 thoughts on “Still at it! Over-thinking again!!! :/

  1. just wanted to say thank you from everyone who wont, can’t don’t want to ….. because you do alot of the leg work and make it easy to understand and do things and you give alot of info out to people so thank you i love you xoxoxooxoox

  2. I love the look of your blog and don’t find it difficult to navigate at all! I was wondering though, if you’ve drawn a winner for the Kidco food mill? I don’t see a post about it and tried doing a search on your blog for it. 🙂

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