STOP drinking MILK till you read this post!

DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE COWS? What difference does it make? A lot!!!!!!!!

The two cows above are HOLSTIEN breed (black and brown variations). They are also referred to as A1 cows. Remember that….it’ll become increasingly more important as people wake up!

The cows above are Jersey, which can sometimes be a mottled brown & white. A2

Above are Brown Swiss dairy cows, that can range from an ivory/buff color to a dark brown. Bred from Braunvieh beed cattle, and the oldest dairy breed on record. A2 variety.

These are Guernsey cows. Don’t ask me how you tell them apart from brown Holsteins or mottled Swiss, etc. None the less, these are also A2.

Okay, there’s no test on any of this. Just important information regarding your health…you might want to take note of.

To start, there’s a protein in milk called beta-casein, which contains an amino-acid called BCM-7. A1 and A2 breeds both produce another amino-acid called PROLINE. In A2, which are older (call them “heirloom”) breeds…the proline bonds with the BCM-7, which keeps it OUT of the milk. A1 cows (namely Holsteins) are a newer, HYBRID breed, and their proline is mutated into a histidine, which only loosely adheres to BCM-7, and thus ends up in the milk supply, which in turn ends up in humans that drink it. Remember…that’s A1 milk! The stuff that’s stocking every supermarket shelf in North America!!! This is one genetic mutation that I can’t blame on Monsanto…or can I? Perhaps it involves time-travel? Because it’s said that this mutation in A1 cows took place over 5,000 years ago, BUT………….who’s to say it was a problem before now??

Um….what’s the problem with mutant A1 histidine in our milk?

It’s now being linked with Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, Autism, Schizophrenia, and Auto-Immune disease! Is that good enough for ya? Shocking right? Clean, pure, wholesome….’Got Milk’! The stuff that alopathic doctors, the dairy industry, and concerned friends and relatives tell us we should be pouring into our kids at a endless rate, bcuz it’s so good for everyone. 

Remember rBGH? Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone that was developed to increase gross milk production? Who was it given to? Holsteins. It was the cause of spongiform or mad-cow disease, which winds up being identical to Alzheimer in humans, which there’s been an increase of since Monsanto introduced their nifty-thrifty rBGH. Now, it’s not a far reach for me to put myself in the giants shoes, and think like a super-sociopath. Those are $54 TRILLION dollar shoes by the way!! Monsanto’s net worth as of Sept 2010. Check out this article from The Noose:  Hiding In Plain Sight: Monsanto #1

(edit: I don’t really know what Monsanto’s net worth is. I don’t think anyone does. I searched a dozen different ways and nothing firm came up. The figure above was something posted on AboveTopSecret, so….for what that’s worth? I did browse a shitload of pages/sites with some staggering numbers. A $450million settlement with a university over a patent, billions here, billions there…billions everywhere! These are TOP players, er henchmen in the big-bad scheme of things. In this day and age, seems that information and ownership are the currency, so the numbers aren’t that important. When you get up to the top echelons, money is a joke. Well…money is a joke in all senses, but again…that’s a different post).

Now, if you were EVIL and had that kind of money….what could you accomplish? What kind of think-tank could you develop? What kind of smoke screens, alibis, and red herrings could you create? Could you afford to be smart enough to piggy your genetically mutant shit on the back of naturally occurring mutations?? Why………yes you could. Easily. That’s sort of a different rant for a different rail.

The top cows of choice for the American dairy industry, are of course….the mutant ones. Holsteins. Nearly all milk produced in the United States (organic or otherwise) comes from A1 Holstein cows! Are you paying premium prices for something that has the ability to genetically fuck up you and your family? Yes you are! And….unfortunately it’s not just the milk, it’s the cereal you pour it on, the toast you slather with A1 butter, or gmo margarine. The meat you eat, the grain you consume, the produce you think is a healthy choice. But, sticking to the topic………………milk.

No matter how wonderfully “organic” and “all-natural”, and expensive your milk is, if you’re pulling it from a store shelf…’s DEAD and deadly, bcuz the law is…all diary has to be pasteurized. Pasturization involves heating milk to 150 degrees F and keeping it there for at least a half hour… completing changing it’s structure of proteins into something far less then healthy.

Pasturized cows milk is the #1 allergic food in the North America, and is associated with a number of symptoms and illnesses including:

  • Diarrhea; cramps, bloating, and gas
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Recurrent ear infections and colic in infants and children
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infertility
  • Leukemia
  • Autism

The only healthy choice alternative is RAW milk, which is an outstanding source of nutrients, including beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidolphilus, vitamins, and enzymes, and one of the most bio-available forms of calcium. BUT….raw milk from A1 cows is still A1 milk = not healthy! So…….go back to the pictures up top. Google search local small dairy farms, and those selling PET grade milk (as in furry friends). The only way many farms can legally sell raw milk. Call them up and ask them what breed of cows they have. Don’t leave out this step! You want to hear Jersey, Guernsey, or Brown Swiss.

Raw goat and sheeps milk do not contain BCM-7, so that’s an even better option!! Get that underway, then move on to adding lacto-fermented foods to your diet. Next post 😉

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