Swift Healing update, and thoughts on Muscle Testing…

Had my 3rd class last night, for Swift Healing 101. Things are moving along at a nice, easy pace. None of it difficult to grasp. The work involves much muscle testing. Something Ria turned me onto over a decade ago when I first met her, but for some unknown reason I never picked it up as an everyday sensory tool. I just did that, “Wow…that’s neat! Will have to use that”, and never did.

Think we all do that with the profound & simple. Shelve it. Like…it’s too quick, too basic. We like stuff that has to be researched and uncovered…slowly. Investigated. And, our minds have to play the main role in all that. It gives us time to digest, and in that time….we can twist and turn it how we like. Doctor it up a bit. It loses it power that way. So…we reach for the next thing.

Muscle testing (MT) or Kinesiology….plugs us right into the intelligent field of consciousness, with simple “yes” and “no” answers. It can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Sitting in a restaurant, you can ask “What item is going fuel my body best?” and without even reading the menu…..trace your finger down the words till you get a “yes”. Simple, quick, and true (if you try it you’ll see).

On the other end, applying “Immunics” work to MT, it’s easy to trace any dysfunction, issue, or pathology back to source, and remove it immediately, where it could normally take years of allopathic therapy, with no guarantee of success! For instance, I tested positive last night for a myriad of dysfunctions. Everything from Allergies to Dependence, Helplessness to Revenge.  48 in total!! But half of them I was housing for my parents, and I was able to identify which weren’t mine, who they belonged to, and lovingly hand them back, in less then a minute. Vs. years of therapy, and prescription cocktails, untying myself from “victim”, and crawling into the corner of “survivor”. And all that jazz.

The process is so simple.

Test positive for the dysfunction “Struggle”, ask if it’s truly my dysfunction? No. Is it from a parent? Yes. My mother? Yes. Father? Yes. So, they both instilled “struggle” in me (or…I picked it up for them to help alleviate their struggle. Either way). Learned something else really interesting…that the right side of the body is affected by paternal issues, and the left is maternal. That biologically the sperm and egg divide to those sides when we begin forming as human beings. So, I turn to my right and give my dad back his struggle, and turn to the left and give my mom back her struggle. Test again, and I’m free of it. Does it get any easier than that??

Of course, it’s not that easy. Like any good cleansing program it requires daily maintenance. I mean, the shit we’ve been carrying around for decades, or lifetimes, or eons….takes some work to scrub off completely. A minute isn’t going to free me from my great-great grandmothers junk. But…with continued application it will. Eventually.

So, in 6 hrs (3 classes) I now have the tools to test myself for any and all ailments and dysfunct, and remove it. I can also test outside my physical body, into higher bodies..catching stuff before it manifests physically. More then that, it untangles things, and paints an easier picture of why I do the things I do, and from whence it comes. That part is hard to express, but there’s great relief in it. I welcome relief whenever I can get it.

In the middle of sleep, I woke up with a question, “WHY such INTENSE GRIEF over being separated from loved ones, and ending up lost/alone?” My entire life, this has been my main concern….day in, day out, always. I remember the exact moment it started. Sitting in a drive-in movie theater, listening to music before the show started. It was trigger song (Wings), and suddenly I was overcome with complete and utter despair….at the idea of my parents dying. I was 4. I don’t even know if I knew what “dying” was. It was the inescapable fear of LOSING them! I don’t remember the movie. For sure, something I shouldn’t have been watching. But…I wasn’t watching it. I sat on my blanket, outside, beside the Volkswagon bus, beside my parents…………..and cried quietly the entire time. My mother finally noticed and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t put it into words. It was the worst thought imaginable, and it felt like if I put it out there, it gave it some kind of power. I was wrong. It’s the opposite!!! I tucked it away into my psyche, and it’s fed off me my entire life. Like, I could somehow control destiny, avoid it all….by taking it all on myself, and worrying it out of existence.

I tested for it, half-awake. Is this intense grief…my dysfunction? Yes. Is it from this lifetime? No. Is it from my last lifetime? No. Is it from something that happened in the last 100 years? No. Thousand years? No. Ten thousand years? YES. Was it a traumatic event? YES. Did I lose everyone I loved? YES. Was I left completely alone? YES. Did this only happen in one lifetime? No. Less than 10? No. A hundred? No. A thousand? YES.

That might seem silly to a lot of people, but it gives me relief. It explains something I could never grasp. It explains the obsession, and why it’s so grossly out of perspective (for me). I don’t know how frequently we were being recycled/reincarnated 10,000 years ago, but to go through the same life-altering experience thousands of times….iz messed up! Has me messed up now. There’s more to look into on it, but it explains so much about me. How I operate. Even how ridiculously cautious I am (in everything). I can see myself so many times, holding back everyone I loved, in order to keep the tribe together….keep everyone safe and alive. Basically for my own benefit….so I wouldn’t end up ALONE. Maybe just knowing that, is enough to change course. Finally.

I can’t say enough great things about the Swift Healing course, and Immunics. Everyone should be putting this into practice!! There’s no one that doesn’t need it. Everything from knocking out a cold, to curing ones self of HIV, herpes, cancer, or MS (to name a few). Resolving and putting to rest, any dysfunction, addiction, or unhealthy behavior. You can use it for pets, heal others remotely (from a distance), heal humanity at large…anything. I used MT yesterday to ask my garden plants if they were happy, what they needed in way of nutrients, etc.

I don’t know anyone that’s completely CLEAR of all garbage. So…it’s also nice to think that I’ll be able to turn around and help teach others to heal their stuff. And…..getting myself in a more centered, harmonious place…..when others respond indifferent to the idea of taking full responsibility for their health and wellness….I’ll be able to smile and leave them to that.

All in all, feels like progress.

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