The Devil and Andrea Yates

Andrea Yates: Born Andrea Pia Kennedy. July 2. 1964. Youngest of 5 children born to Jutta Karin Koehler (German Immigrant), and Andrew Emmett Kennedy (Irish). Strict Catholic (?)

Husband at the time, and father of the 5 children: Rusty: Former NASA Engineer

Arrested for drowning her 5 children in the tub, while alone with them…despite doctors warning to not leave her unattended, due to psychotic episodes, suicide attempts, and postpartum depression. First psychiatrist (Dr. Eileen Starbranch) had put her on a cocktail of anti-depressants, as well as Haldol (an anti-psychotic), and urged her not to have any more children. Andrea was pregnant again 7 weeks later, at which time she stopped taking the Haldol. She seemed to be coping well, until the death of her father in 2001, when she stopped taking all her medications, began mutilating herself, stopped feeding her baby, and began reading the bible feverishly. Andrea was readmitted for in-patient treatment on numerous occasions after that.

April 1, 2001: Dr. Saeed is appointed for psychiatric care. Andrea is put back on her medications, treated and released (despite not being better), due to the 10-day limit for in-patient care per their insurance plan.

May 4, 2001: Andrea is re-admitted after a scheduled doctors visit, released again, and remained under Dr. Saeed’s care until June 20th, 2001. At this point Effexor is raised to 450mg (twice the suggested MAXIMUM dose)…It wasn’t until 2005 that warnings now appear on the label, with homicidal tendencies being a rare, adverse side-effect.

June 18, 2001: During a scheduled visit to Dr.Saeed, Haldol is removed from her list of medications. It takes 4-6 days for Haldol/Haloperidol to leave the system completely. Two days later…

June 20, 2001: Andrea waits for her husband to go to work, an hour before her mother-in-law is scheduled to come watch her…Andrea drowns her 5 children in the bath, and lays them altogether on her bed, before calling her husband and saying, “It’s time”.

Andrea later admits to ongoing conversations with SATAN over a two year period, insisting that yates mkultra purple & butterfliesshe kill herself, and her children, bcuz they were all damned to hell, and it was the only way she could save them. Supposedly Satan tells Andrea that she’ll get the ‘death-penalty’ for her crimes. Immediately after the killings, the voices stopped, and she hasn’t heard from “Satan” since! She’s currently housed at Kerrville State Hospital. 

It should be noted that shortly after marriage, Rusty signed himself, and Andrea up as disciples of Michael Woroniecki…a self-proclaimed prophet, and extreme Evangelical Christian, with some very hard-edged views on evil, and a good Godly lifestyle. Rusty became enamored with Woroniecki as an itinerant campus preacher at Auburn University. They followed his every word, so far as to give up most of their material possessions and move into a bus with their three children (at the time). Andrea was being relentlessly worked over by Woroniecki on a regular basis. Simply put…she was being seriously brainwashed into believing she was EVIL, thus her children were evil, and slated for an eternity in hell. Drugs & brainwashing are MK ULTRA main ingredients, not to say Michael is black-op, but with Andrea hopped up on a bunch of zombie drugs, to keep her in a constant, semi-catatonic state…..she was a PRIME candidate for mind manipulation!! This is a very serious problem, no one mentions to those put on psychotropic drugs….if you’re not surrounded by loving, compassionate, supportive, positive people, then you’re kinda fucked anyway. Her strictly indoctrinated, and chauvinistic husband probably wasn’t helping either! For people put on these meds, then sent home into the hands of an abusive family members or spouse, that now feel mentally and emotional superior, they can program the weaker player however they want….if only playing out on a subconscious level. Doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not, if they’re talking smack constantly, you’re going to end up believing it, bcuz you’re in a post-hypnotic state all the time! Something to educate others about!

It should be noted that both Andrea Yates, and her husband Rusty we’re/are “Quiver-full” Christians, meaning that Andrea’s sole purpose in life was to bare as many children possible, and bow down to her husband…period. No birth control is allowed (natural or otherwise), and Andrea was refusing to have sex with Rusty, after the stern warnings she’d received from Dr. Starbranch, that another pregnancy might lead her to harm her children, under another episode of postpartum. Rusty would not hear it, and basically bullied her into getting pregnant again….insisting it was her duty. Even after the trial, before reality set in…Rusty was going on about his hopes that after Andrea was released…they could begin to establish another family of children. Guess he changed his mind, and bent the Godly rule a little, of “till death do us part/in sickness and in health”, cuz Rusty has since divorced Andrea, and remarried. I assume to another brood-mare.

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