Things I'd like to do after moving…

Just writing some things down, bcuz I’m stuck here in limbo….without much to do. James and I just waiting for the move, with most everything packed up. A little list to remind me, and keep my spirits up…looking forward to a new start.

In no specific order (List in progress)….


– get a christmas tree, and make up some decorations

– lay out a new (productive, healthy, interactive) schedule

– do some cold weather knitting for james

– layout a pattern, and make james a bathrobe out of towels (post on blog)

– mural for our new room

– decorate our new room (functional, organized, easy to keep clean, and fun)

– plan healthier menus in advance, and store small portions for james

– buy a water dispenser thing for big jugs of water (and….drink more of it! me and james)

– maybe….take a break from bloglifts (after i finish up the ones in process)

– work on my own blog for awhile! new look, new approach, etc

I really like the look of this robe, with the patterned exterior cotton!

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