"This for That"….Kudos to Ten Talents!!!!

Ten Talents had an amazing idea, and….better then that she’s implemented it over at her blog! You have to check out her “THIS FOR THAT” on-going McLinky! It’s refreshingly simple and makes so much sense! Simply add your request at the bottom, and fulfill the request of the three links above yours! <Chessy Grin> I LOVE IT!!! Read all about it here.

Thanks Ten Talents!!! xoxoxo

Edit: This cool thing about it is, it feels good. Feels like I’m really helping. Sometimes the bloghop things feel selfish, or…pointless. Idk. And, it’s hard to stop at just 3 ppl. Just gotta help a few others while you’re there. 😛

There’s something INTIMATE about “this for that”. i like it. the idea can for sure be expanded on.
the big exchange, group, get together places are fine. but they do involve “wading”. a lot of it, and a lot of time & energy. and there’s something about it that’s not communal feeling. bloggers are getting a TON of attention, that’s gonna continue to increase. it’s the new marketing magic that corporations want to tap into (i’ll try to get around to posting something about “google caffeine” in reference to the hype).
in that attention….there is lots of room for exploitation. can see it happening already. there’s a PIMPING out feel to a lot of what’s brewing.
i find this really interesting that as a woman, and a mom. always working towards that natural, easy, solution and collaboration with other women, and
making it work together as a group, the helping out, compassion, etc. and suddenly…………..i feel like a “pusher”. like i’m standing out there on some tiny corner, trying to get kids hooked on some new drug. and dragging in ‘strung out’ moms to fill quotas and nonsense. that’s how it FEELS. and, i’m against it!!! really-seriously!!!
i know part of this is gonna sound off the wall. that’s me. always seeing the conspiracy. as mom bloggers especially we’re gonna need to band together, and cut that crap out of the picture! WE CAN DO THIS ON OUR OWN! grassroots style. is how it all started, and it’s where the focus should remain…nice and easy. we reach outside what we’re all doing….sorta “desperate’ for solutions, and there’s a monster on the other side of that door. a hungry, male monster with a bottom-line, billions of dollars, and part of that blood-line that’s been tearing this country apart! this world apart! it’s a PARASITE! just like those commercials for orken! but…………….not funny! :/
woman are known for blindly entering into situations, thinking it’s workable for everyone…only to find out later on they we’re being used. that’s not really us. why i LOVE “this for that”….what i resonated with immediately……….FELT….was the magic that counters that exploitation!!! subtle, powerful, simple! part of the FORCE. all i’m trying to say is that we need to keep control of this ball! it’s ours! same with the power of our purchasing dollars, which is really what this is all about! we have the power TOGETHER…to make companies change ingredients, and bring down companies that are dangerous, and catapult products we like to success! all with a single dollar. and now all with a simple (viral) post! they’re trying to sway us away from that power with tiny little samples, and ten cents here and there. not all of it, but MOST of it is working against us (in the long run).
they managed to side-track us while they were tearing the country down. out-sourcing, and bankrupting. i know it’s all part of this larger, global picture they’re working on….but there’s more to it. a lot more. from the ashes…as women, sisters, moms….we’re holding onto something VITAL and just. and, to avoid blathering on about it all……….i’ll skip back to these small, communal ideas.
we’re not blind to the fact that our audience as mom bloggers are other moms. we make our numbers go up. we create one anothers success. we invented WAHMs! we support them. we support one another. we care in a way that no one else gets. they don’t have to. they smell this grand honey we produce, and all they’re thinking about is how to jar it up and get rich from it. yes…….it’s the world wide web, but….it’s our web. it’s where we’ve chosen to build our little blogs. and it can work…door to virtual door. neighbors, community. intimate…..sisterhood! use the big banners where they work, and kept in their place. don’t sell your sister out, for a greasy buck. not that any of us really do that. just……..it requires vigilance. this really is a battle between corporate hype and exploitation (of women and children), and we are each WARRIORS!!!
how about that for a morning rants. :/

6 thoughts on “"This for That"….Kudos to Ten Talents!!!!

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Just blogged about it and posted the new graphic 🙂 I love it so much, and I am so overwhelmedly thankful…yes, I made up that word 🙂

    By the way, I think I should mention that this isn’t just my idea. Many of the Ning sites have certain sections dedicated to helping each other out such as “Let’s Enter Each Others’ Giveaways” and “For Your Consideration (Review Comments)”. I just wanted a place to bring them all together, but I can’t take credit for the original idea of helping each other out. Some great blogger long, long ago was probably the first 🙂

    Thanks so much again!

    1. yer welcome. you have a hard time taking a compliment? 😉
      no, you probably didn’t invent ‘helping’. once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away. he. might make a good childrens story.

      i like that you put the idea to work, and…it works. to me it’s so simple. i’m getting inbox anxiety! with stuff i can’t keep up with.
      as bloggers we think and think of those things that are gonna create a draw to our blog. you nailed it with this for that.

      i’ve been linking, and following, and subscribing, and not getting a lot back. a thousand thanks you each to those that do, but a lot don’t.
      there’s something INTIMATE about “this for that”. i like it. the idea can for sure be expanded on.

      maybe i’ll add this an edit to the original post. i think it’s important.
      thank you is all i wanted to say 🙂 i’ll be dropping by a lot more often for this and that. 😉

  2. why dont i understand what my sister is talking about all of a sudden :P……. RT this and that wt heck!!!! LOL email me if you get a chance my sista i love you and so glad that what every you are talking about in the above conversation is working out for all those blog moms out there . xooxoxox

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