tiny house…big life?

So, along with everything else on my mind….and in keeping with spring…I’m wanting more then usual to break out of what’s become normal. Seriously set on having as SIMPLE a lifestyle as possible. Simple and rich. Simple in surroundings, stuff, and routine. Rich in LOVE, creativity, yield. Think everyone is familiar with that rant…

It’s hard for me to keep things simple, living with other people…especially people that don’t share the same vision. Trash, as a small example. We seem to generate shitloads of it, and it can drive me batty if I give it too much thought. Not going to get into the details of it, but…I feel like it’s impossible for me to do anything about it. I could address it, and try my best, but….seems like it would be a full-time job in itself, and…….no one else would help with it. Er, would go totally unappreciated by others. Is that an excuse? Being thrifty, I save glass jars, and yogurt containers, the odd produce baggie (I don’t usually grab them when shopping). These small efforts are tagged as me “hoarding”, and every time I turn around they’ve all been tossed out as trash. Another thing that drives me mad, is saving all the plastic grocery bags that come into the house….bagging them up to recycle, and having those end up in the trash too! If I draw any attention to it….I’m treated like I’m crazy. Anyway….ranting a little, and seriously feeling like…I’d have to live on my own to make changes. And, I don’t want James growing up with that same ‘disposable’ mentality. Blah.

I was at Home Depot last week, buying some tomato plants, and herbs…and took James into the 2-story, barn-shed demo building they have on lot. James didn’t want to come out of it, and thinking again how easy it would be to live in. $8000 delivered and installed. Read a few places online, where folks are costing them out (DIY) for around $3500. So, I played around, drawing some plans. That led to youtube videos that got me thinking about cheaper materials….wood pallets, rammed earth, compressed brick, cob. I live in Georgia, with a limitless (free) supply of red clay. I’m pretty sure it’s a perfect blend for earth-based construction, but surprised that I can’t find much information on folks that are using it (in state). Anyhoo………… Cob would be my ideal material for building a dwelling. Being an earth-virgo-monkey…I’m most at home in the dirt, using my hands. It neutralizes crazy energy, and helps me relax. Plus, I love the organic style of cob….that nothing’s square, plumb, or planned out. On the other hand, I realize there’s a lot of work involved in the process. So, as a segue…I’m also thinking “shipping containers”. James and I are making a small cob protype in the yard, to see how it shapes up and hardens. I’ve also been distracting myself the last few days to browse listings…. and playing around with layouts for a container house.

From what I’ve heard…used ISO containers can be had for around $1200 (scrap cost). 40 ft long, by 8 ft wide. One to me, wouldn’t cut it. Way too narrow. Nice thing about containers is…they’re pretty much livable right off the truck. Plus, can simply add on to them at any time. I figure 2 is a good start, and can stack a couple more on down the road. Live in the container house while following the Melbourne home designers ideas in building a cob house, then use the container building as a studio. Something like that. A hell of a lot cheaper then the new IKEA boxed homes they’re selling for $85grand. Just as much space.

Ideally……….I want chickens, diary goats, and nice big garden, learn about lawn sweepers here in order to manage the territory nice. I want to buy as little as possible. Where I live…it’s illegal to have ANY livestock…not even one chicken, unless the property is over 2 acres. Think this about 1.5 acres, which SUCKS!!! So, first and foremost is adequate property for how I want to live, and at this point….from what I can afford……that looks like some remote, barren, section of Texas somewhere. 😛

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