Trip to the farm!

Was really nice to go out today and DO something, rather then think on it. The farm turned out to be twice as far as I first thought (thanks Google Maps) :/ but……….totally worth it! Got a gallon of raw milk, 2 dozen eggs, fresh soap, sausage, and a pint of raw honey. Yum! James had a BLAST! He got to pet piglets, and new born cows, pygmy goats, and chase a hundred chickens around a huge field. They had this great slide built out of plastic drainage pipe, and I think James went down it about 30 times. I went down about 5.

The milk tastes amazing, and is a gorgeous, creamy yellow color with a couple inches of cream on top. It’s beautiful. I’ve never had a fresh egg before. Will try them on their own for breakfast. Tonight I’m making a quiche, with hashbrown crust, and as a special treat…flourless chocolate cake.

Hashbrown Quiche Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

I don’t ever follow recipes exactly, so we’ll see how they both turn out. Edible I hope!

Can’t find my camera. Just found my wallet in the bushes outside, so….camera could be anywhere. :/

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