Untitled Ramble….

Well, I’ve been needing some excuse to get me back into my blog. Have to say this passionate comment definitely did the trick! ūüėČ

lela says:

I’m sorry but ‘computer operator’? That’s ridiculous. Shopping on Etsy or Amazon should not be a paid position. Checking email, really? Why should you be paid for that? Now if you’re FIXING the computer, that’s different. And RN? You have a lot of nerve. An RN has taken specific classes, endured hours of clinicals and taken an exceptionally hard exam to earn that degree. Giving your kid baby aspirin does not make you an RN. And pouring some drano down the sink does not make you a plumber. This is asinine and insulting.

First off…don’t think it’s meant to be taken absolutely. I think it’s more some validation for the time-energy-skill that’s put into the “job”, and it’s definitely a job. Okay, I’ll say it’s definitely “work”, bcuz I don’t want argue over semantics.

Of course shopping online isn’t a paid position, but…selling on Etsy or Amazon is, er….can be. From the few choice words in the post above, I feel were from VERY different camps. I personal LOVE to give credit where credit is due, and that’s not always in the direction of the ‘accredited’ (professional). I don’t consider myself an RN, but I have studied hard on my own, over decades…on natural, holistic medicine, and spiritual well-being. I just didn’t do it in a class room setting, but doesn’t mean the knowledge, passion, and understanding isn’t there. Same goes for plumbing. I’m not ‘licensed’, but I could plumb an entire house if I had to. I could build a house, if I had to. Now it’s just gonna sound like I’m tooting my own horn, bcuz my skills-list IS ridiculous!

I can knit/sew a wardrobe, craft footware from leather, make¬†jewelry¬†(not stringing beads, but actual carving and casting), but…I can string beads too. Make my soap, lotions, comsetics, bath bombs, candles, cupcakes, canned goods. I can tattoo. I have a machine. I taught myself. I can create websites, and fix computers (to an a pretty good extent). I can build a raised-bed garden. I can do general repairs and¬†maintenance¬†on vehicles. I can¬†suture¬†someone up if I had to. I’ve preformed some pretty gruesome healthcare on my pets at times…lancing¬†abscesses, gluing flaps of torn skin back together, and¬†administering¬†natural remedies. No, I’m not a vet either. ¬†The list just goes on and on, and on. I’m CRAFTY mom. It’s a very appropriate title!

Actually I’ve had this mental list of posts I wanted to blog out. What I’ve been up to over the last handful of months I’ve been MIA. It’s definitely put my skills to the challenge! Started with a dead laptop that I¬†resurrected¬†the hard-drive from. Actually, two laptops I’ve been through in the last few months. Scrambling and freaking to not lose any data and work. That was stressful going. The washing machine died, and with some resolve, and some googling…I fixed it for $25 dollars. It’s as good as new. Next, the dishwasher died. How much do dishwashers make?!? LOL. More online research, and I’m currently waiting on a part to repair it. $35 to save a $300 machine. That should be worth something, no?

At the moment…I’m in the process of¬†remodeling¬†the bathroom. Slow going with a toddler that wants to help every step of the way. We’ve gutted, replaced some sub-flooring, replaced the tub, tiled the shower enclosure and floor…still need cabinet and sink, and grout…and the final touches, including paint, but it’s 300% better then it was before!! I know how much a ‘professional’ would have charged, and I know how much I’m making on the job =¬†zilch! But, that’s not the point. Or is it?!? This post started out as a reply to the comment above. Backing up the value of SAHMs. That’s actually silly though…bcuz even in the most humble sense….MOMs are priceless!!! PERIOD!

I didn’t create the SAHM value calculator. I just posted about it. I do however have a lot of nerve, yes. I didn’t think I was drawing on that when I posted my results…I just thought it was a cute idea. I’m easily worth more then $111,313 annually!!! As parents we all are! Doesn’t matter if our skill set is reserved to kissing boo-boos, and reading bedtime stories.

I round up this exhaustively pointless post by saying….

“Dear Lela,

Your energy feels frustrated, dire….and very SOLAR. Possibly need to get in touch with your feminine-soft side more! Practice laughing a little. Everything is not so SERIOUS. Life is good. You are talented, worthy, and of great value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No¬†diplomas, credits, paperwork, price….can hold a candle to value of who you are as YOU! Under the structured, rigid, linear, conditioned world we operate in….you are part of the fluid, juicy, creativeloveintelligence that is perfect and overflowing!!! Don’t lose sight of that in the matrix of hype!”



4 thoughts on “Untitled Ramble….

    1. Thanks Karla! Yes………….not worth taking so seriously. None of this blog is meant to be taken as such. Makes me a little sad sometimes…..when women are that trapped & wrapped up in the surface stuff. Thankfully times are changing…getting back to a more powerful female, organic system. Healers, and wise-woman/sage understanding that comes from the heart and intuition….not text-books and laws governed by men. Where it’s more about healthy food, clean water, handmade, homemade, sacred-sister-circle stuff. In the infamous words of Crystal Waters…..From the back, to the middle, and around again…I’m gonna be there till the end……..100% PURE LOVE!!! ūüôā

  1. Wow. It goes without saying YOU Rock all mom’s rock !!!
    Kinda like when A teacher gives a student a report card that has no value or credit what so ever. They use a system and it’s all the same. The switch a few things here and there but technically all our kids seem the same in the eyes of the school system. Just workers. But getting to my point we are all more then that, we are more then just what other people may see us as. Just because you have a paper to back up your credentials does not mean you are any better then someone who learns on their own all that they can be. I know how good and priceless my kids are I see what they are capable of not the school not the teacher not the system. No one is every gonna tell you the truth about how good you are you have to believe it yourself. that’s what will get you somewhere. And the best part is if you don’t need anyone else to validate that for you your in a much better place then someone who constantly has to strive to please others who really don’t give a shit about you anyway!!! LELA YOUR IN A DREAM WORLD CLOUDED BY CORPORATE ZOMBIES… JUST WAITING TO SWITCH YOU…..stay as far away from them as possible. How many times have you been able to diagnose your own symptoms when your sick do you rush to the doctor every time??? If we all acted like that no body would learn anything…..

    1. LOL……………sista rant! For sure-for sure! We don’t always see how programmed we are. Lots of people waking up, but lots still trapped in the Matrix. That’s okay though…people are looking for comfort where they can find it. Can’t pull anyone out of that. In their own time. We do unfortunately (always) seek VALIDATION. Would be nice to not need that………to KNOW instead. That’s the great thing about children. They don’t operate in that limited, fear-based paradigm. And…it’s shitty that so many work to knock that out of them so quickly (if at all). Starting with that whole “GOOD/BAD” crap. Those are words I really make an effort to avoid!!!!
      I think it’s ironic (and a little funny)…when people are obviously insecure about their own wisdom & inner-understanding…but are secure enough in other peoples knowledge to go out of their way and post about how little the rest of us know. It’s merely projection. I think if the shit hit the fan tomorrow, and the whole system gave way……everything. I think for the most part, people would fair better then they believe. Aside from those who would just go off the deep-end (hopefully not taking too many others with them)….I think we’d actually all be much better off. In the long run. Being sheltered, and seeking for others to solve our problems, or keep us safe and provided for, etc, etc…..definitely not a good way to go. Albeit……………..helping others, being communal, and unconditionally supportive…..calls to our inner-spirit. We’re just not use to “no strings attached”. That’s what our children are here to teach us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

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