Update: Baby James

The last couple days have been a blurr. Yesterday James was better. No fever, but still sweaty and out of sorts. Could see it in his eyes…super tired and listless. In his own little world, and still a trooper…smiling through it all, when he could muster the energy. Momma felt like crap, so I can’t imagine how baby felt/feels. He slept through the night, and is sleeping still. I don’t want to jinx it by saying he’s all better, but I think we’re out of the woods.

Worried me last night when he didn’t want to breastfeed. He’ll always eat if offered! But, he was pushing away and crying. I’ve read this can be associated with teething, which I hope is what the fever was part of. Nothing more then teething pains…and something called “feeding strike”. It lasted a few hours. I think his stomach was upset. Even after the fever went away…his stomach was still a little hot to the touch, around his intestines. Plus a good amount of gas. I gave him some gas drops, and carried him around for a long while till he calmed down some. Basically, just beside himself, and wanting to be comforted. I finally got him to sleep this way. He slept for about an hour (me too), and when he woke up ravenous…he took the breast. Out of habit I think. I noticed when I laid down with him…how stressed out my energy was! I was vibrating, I was so tense. I think that, along with the frustration of wanting so badly to help him feel better……it was transferring to him, making things worse. Once I was able to calm down, he had less problem eating. He fed a few times through the night, and he’s been asleep pretty much for 10 hours, so I’m hoping he wakes pretty much refreshed…and his old self. For his sake! I hate him being in pain, or uncomfortable.

Will stay posted.

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