Update on going Green and Vegetarian…


I live with 2 SSAD (Standard Southern American Diet) eaters, and attempting to do the vegetarian thing with James is somehow proving difficult. They think I’m inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on my child. He already eats really well, really healthy. But he’ll be 3 come Feb, and this video is an excellent example of starting early, and being serious.

Every time I turn around…they’re giving him chips, ice cream, store bought cake and cookies. Hot dogs, canned soup (w/meat)…bringing home hamburgers, and meat lovers pizzas, etc. Saying it’s only a “treat”. So, I’m gonna have to put my foot down more??

I don’t want it to have to make it an “issue”, but going to have to figure something out. Makes me wish I had my own place…not that my doors wouldn’t be open to people with different opinions, but that my perspective would be RESPECTED more. Maybe. First and foremost it would be a healthy home, anyone that believed differently, could do so….in their own corner. Covertly! Under the radar.

There was major meltdown here a few days ago.

I don’t know what happened? Everything seemed fine. The homemade soaps have been working great. No complaints. I woke up yesterday to find a huge bottle of Dawn dish soap, and another of Cascade on the counter. When I said something about it….Holland went off the deep end. Holland is 83 years old, btw.  I explained again what I was working to achieve, how important it was to me, and was really just a small request (that shouldn’t effect anyone), bcuz I’m the one that does all the cleaning up in the house, the dishes, etc. I asked him if he could keep the chemical stuff outside, or in his room. This is weird request, bcuz it’s not my house. When push comes to shove, James and I are merely guests. But…it’s important enough to me…to make a stand about. I did try and be nice about it. I did offer to buy him store-bought green soap, if he really needed to have a commericial brand, but it wasn’t about that.

After a good amount of prodding…it was about me pushing him out of his comfort-zone, and him feeling like he wasn’t free to live his life the way he wanted. That I was “forcing” him to live in a way he didn’t like. (huh?) It went on for most of the day…until I eventually broke down into tears. Lol. Actually a good thing, I think…bcuz I haven’t cried in a good long while. It was cathartic, and actually felt good. And…it immediately shut him up. That wasn’t my intention, but I welcomed it! He was acting crazy….attacking me, and not willing to meet me half way on anything.

None of the details are that important, but that’s how bizarre things can get, when people feel that their comfort-zone is being fucked with. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do something healthier for everyone. Just the act of gently pushing in any direction OTHER then where they’re at, is enough. Although, it does seem to somehow be in direct retaliation against healthy/holistic/loving stuff. No one complains about bringing truck loads of junk food into the house, but when you ask that any junk be kept in their rooms…it’s a huge issue. No one complains when you bring a bunch of big screen TVs into the house, but when you suggest getting rid of the TVs…that’s an act of war! A crack-head doesn’t complain when you replace their stash with heroine, but replace it with a nice raw, carrot cake…and a big hug…… 😛 you get the picture! I live with people who want what they want, when they want it, and nothing should get in the way of that. I live with staunch Americans that hold extremely privileged perspectives. I don’t care about them waking up, but when they work to stop me from heading in a healthier direction (w/ my child)…I don’t know.

This isn’t the shit I want to be wasting my time and energy on. It shouldn’t even be an issue. It shouldn’t be anything huge, or problematic. There shouldn’t be such a inability to flex, and re-position ones self. I’ve been writing a lot of posts on those ideas lately. I haven’t been actually posting them, bcuz when I get half way through….it feels pointless. What’s the point in having a blog, when everything I have to say, feels too much?

I know I have that tendency….to go overboard. To get into things too deep. I don’t know if that’s what people need right now? I definitely know it’s not what they want. So, mostly been sitting in limbo…again. Trying to figure what I’m doing? What I want to be doing? Where I’m heading? It’s really difficult for me to be cut and dry.

I’m REALLY REALLY wanting it to warm up outside! I think I’m suffering some serious cabin fever, and want to open up the house, get outside, and knock of some stagnant energy. Plus the whole green smoothie fast-thing has not been half-ass, bcuz the cold weather keeps me wanting all the stuff that’s not raw. I’m not giving up on any of it though. I am going to get over these bumps in the road. Things are going to smooth out. All just little tests to see where my intentions are at.

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