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Too much to get into, and nothing at all.

I listened to a great interview on RedIce last night, concerning GM wheat. If I haven’t mentioned it before……Monsanto players should be imprisoned for life, for crimes against humanity!!!!! Period! Good informative broadcast for anyone interested in their health, especially carb addicts. Click the interview in my sidebar Dr. William Davis.

So, have always known wheat is disastrous to good health, and something my body has never dealt well with, so I’m cutting it out of my diet all together. This Dr. suggests that even organic, non-gmo, sprouted wheat isn’t healthy. Of course…follow your gut, do your own research, and all that. I also watched “Oiling of America” today.

This is a long video, but worth it. Jam packed with information on the disinformation of high cholesterol, and “bad” animal fats.

So, put in an order today at Tropical Traditions, for organic coconut flour, shredded coconut, and got bogo free on gold label coconut oil! 🙂 If you’re looking for the best organic, cooperatively farmed, hand-processed, cold processed from fresh fruit, coconut oil….TT Gold Label! All their products are top-drawer, and if you want to try them out, please consider using the link at the bottom of the site with my ID#449975 at checkout, so I get credit. THANKS!

I also put in an order at swansonvitamins.com for a bunch of gluten-free flours (garbanzo, arrowroot…can’t remember them all now), aluminium-free baking powder and soda, non-gmo corn flour, and corn meal, and some super purple food powder. I make a lot of purchases from their site….prices are great, and always having bogo offers, and more! Check them out if you’re looking for good, affordable supplements.

I bought what I thought was a dehydrator at Goodwill last week. Turned out to be an American Harvest convection oven. It was $8. Looked up the manual online, and the lowest setting I can get it to is 200, so….I’m gonna try it out and see if it works for making raw nut breads, and such. Figure if it doesn’t work for that…can keep it in the pop-up camper.

Also really excited….found a farm nearby for raw jersey milk, and hopefully goat’s milk. They sell goat’s milk soap, and have pictures of them on the farm, so should have that as well. Also free-range eggs, seasonal produce, raw honey, and meat. It’s the only place I’ve found that has pork liver. Thinking about getting some and making my own Liver Mush. It’s a southern thang. They also have a petting area, so gonna take James in the morning, and get some raw milk ($6 gallon), and let him pet the animals. 🙂

Going to start wading through some gluten-free and raw recipes, and work to post them here. Trial and error, tweak them a little to the ingredients on hand, and see what’s best.

Something has got to give, and giving up wheat won’t be all that difficult for me, since I don’t eat a lot of it, and hardly ever touch refined carbs. I’m totally cool with “healthy” tasting foods, that don’t always taste so great. So, gonna start with that, and hopefully will spiral into even more healthy choices!

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