WordPress Plugin for Online Shopping….

Yeah, I know………..I’m suppose to packing for the camping trip. Somehow I found time to download this new plugin. :/

It’s WP -Commerce Plugin. It’s FREE! And you can get by clicking on the logo. It’s just a little intense to configure. Not hard…it’s really nicely laid out and simple, but I just don’t have the time this sec to play around with it. If you sell online…you might want to check it out. I’ll have to get back to it later. If you install it….let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Found some extra (community) plugins made for WP e-Commerce. I’m only listing the FREE ones here. You can find the whole list here.

  • Nuke WP e-Commerce (FP – by Visser Labs): If you find yourself in the situation where you need to start over with a fresh installation of WP e-Commerce then this solution will do the job.
  • WP e-Commerce Analytics (FP – by Visser Labs): Adds Google Analytics transaction tracking (e-Commerce tracking) to completed purchases within WP e-Commerce Plugin.
  • WPEC Bulk Tools (FP – by Gingerbread Design): WPEC Bulk Tools provides bulk management tools for the WP e-Commerce Plugin. This version of the tool supports; * The setting of products across a group to the same price.
  • WP Shopping Cart XML Sitemap (FP – by Lee Willis): This plugin automatically adds products and categories from the WP e-Commerce Plugin to your XML sitemap to help search engines discover your shop.
  • Xero WP e-Commerce Exporter (FP – by hanzhimeng): Export your WP e-Commerce purchase log into a format that Xero, the worlds easiest online accounting system

Did I mention that WP e-Commerce Plugin has all the standard payment gateways? It ha Google Checkout, as well as several versions of PayPal including standard, pro, 2.0, and express checkout. Also uses a single button to load your products into Google Product Searches. (…To import your products into Google Merchant Centre so that they appear within Google Product Search results, sign up for a Google Merchant Centre account and add a scheduled data feed…). There’s also a getshopped! facebook application to showcase your products through an RSS feed, so you can set it and forget it!


Update: I’ve scrapped the shop for now. Is too time-intensive for me atm. Still think it’s an amazing plugin, and I can see where it might (easily) challenge (and inevitably surpass) other programs like joomla/virtuemart, zencart, etc. for it’s ease of use…and the fact that it supplies what people are looking for theses days…a simple, clean, quick shop…integrated with their blog. Sorta the perfect solution. Still…to get it perform like the stellar shops I’ve seen featured on the getshopped site…one has to invest a good chunk of dough.

I think it’s pretty straightforward for those that are starting a blog from scratch, with the main intent being to set it up for shopping. For use solely with the WP e-Commerce plugin. Trying to integrate it into an existing blog…….I’ve found it to be a headache.

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