Work Around for SocialSpark 2.0

social spark v2Of course SocialSpark wants everyone to switch over to the new version 2 program. Touched on this a little in a previous post. I think the majority of folks get to the part where they want your login & password for your blog (for automatic publishing)…and stop. Personally, I think there’s some poor execution somewhere (and I’m a not a coder, but…) seems to me that there’s no reason that a “publish” button couldn’t be added, that interacts with ones blog thru the new SocialSpark. When you’re ready to post…you simple click “publish”, enter your PRIVATE login each time. I don’t know…I’m not alone when I think, they’re asking too much or crossing some line. Call us paranoid, but…I’ve had more then one website COMPLETELY wiped out, bcuz of someone (hacker) getting their hands on my password.

Of course, they’re not asking for the login & password to your PayPal or bank account, but…………….in a sense, isn’t your blog just as valuable.

Still……..SocialSpark is working hard to get old members on the new system. I’m getting lots of new opps (at a higher pay rate)…that I don’t FULLY qualify for unless I’m using version 2! I don’t like ploys, but….for those that are still on the fence about completing the sign up. I’ve been reading how some people are setting up a mock account just for SocialSpark. Haven’t tried this, so can’t say for sure if it works. To set up a “contributor” or “author” account (that doesn’t have FULL ADMIN privileges) and use that login/password for registration to version 2.0.

That way…if you don’t like how the program is working…you can simple delete the user account permanently…without having to change any admin access settings. Makes sense. You think it would be something that SocialSpark “suggests” during sign up….at least to curb peoples paranoia, at least.

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